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Layout of Munich Airport Complex; Arriving & Connecting Passengers; NOTE; TERMINAL DETAILS (Terminal 1 with self-contained 'Modules' A - E, Terminal 2 with its Plaza, North & South Piers and new T2 Satellite; Munich Airport Center (MAC),  Amenities & Services,  and Airline /Airport Lounges:

The Passenger Terminal Complex at Munich Airport currently consists of  passenger terminals T1 and T2 (centrally connected on levels 3 & 4 to the Munich Airport Center (MAC), and the new T2 Satellite (connected to T2 by underground train) - offering a multitude of amenities and services, including free WiFi service via DT's HotSpot portal.   (Airline & Airport lounges are listed separately at the bottom of this page).
    Arriving & Connecting Passengers:  Transfer passengers find Munich Airport to be one of the most efficient terminals in the world. The following services are provided to arriving and connecting passengers: 
- Guidance through baggage claim areas and to departure gates.
- Directing passengers arriving from non-Schengen countries to passport control.
- Directing passengers arriving from non-member EU countries to security screening.
- Excellent immigration service;
- 'Napcabs' mini hotel room in the transit area of T2 (see 'NOTE' below).
- For incoming passengers, whose flight is late, Ramp or Gate Direct Service (RDS /GDS) picks them up by bus at their air carrier, along with their bags, and brings them directly to the connecting flight (if customs/passport control are needed, passengers will pass special ramp-side checkpoint).

 - Virtual InfoGates
with life-size screens are located  throughout the Airport - - by pushing a button, passengers and visitors are linked via live video conference with members of the Information team, for quick answers to their inquiries.
 - For details on how to get quickly to your gate, find your restaurant or shop, and more - use the interactive devices with touch screens.
 - 'Napcabs': Weary transit travelers may want to take a nap at the so-called 'Napcabs' located at Terminal 2, level 5, near gates H32, & at level 4 next to gate G06.
 - Transfer passengers:
Screens at arrivals gates display onward connections - follow the arrow. Note that transfer passengers may now use the new 'Stopover  Guide' (presently only for T2, but soon also for T1) - by visiting: w.ww.munich-airport.com/stopoverguide.
 - 'Outdoor Plaza': Passengers are able to wander through an outdoor plaza hosting exhibits and performances, or visit an outdoor terrace.
 - Lufthansa passengers may use the new Interkep baggage pickup service collecting bags and sports items within 80 km of the Airport, including checking in of items at 19.90 euros (tel. 0800 800 6044).

TERMINAL DETAILS  (A: T2's 'MAC' (Munich Airport Center); B: Terminal 1;  C: Terminal 2 with new T2 Satellite). 

A.  The Munich Airport Center (MAC) connects both T1 & T2, and is for shopping, business & recreation. The older Central Area has an underground shopping mall and the S-Bahn station.  The MAC Forum is a large outdoor area with a tent-like & partly transparent roof, and adjacent to it is the airport hotel. 
Level 3 houses  an Information desk, cash point, children's corner & Kinderland, Rail & bus ticket counters, Lost & Found, meeting point & Post Office. Level 3 also offers access to: bus stop & taxi stand, rental car center, check-in, Parking P10 & P9.
Level 4 houses in the Central Area a medical center, travel market & a chapel, and offers access to the Transrapid and to Terminal 2.
- Level 4 also has access to Terminal 1's boarding gates A - D (east to west) -  gates A01-43; B01-B17; C01-30; anc D01-23. 

B - Terminal 1 (T1) - with boarding gates A - E - handles all non-members of the Star Alliance  (except GermanWings 4U & Condor DE - located at Module D for lack of capacity ).  Flights requiring increased security are processed in Hall F, located near Terminal 2. Check-in for some T1 departure flights are in Central Area Z ('Zentralbereich').
   Terminal 1 is divided at its levels 3, 4 & 5 by self-contained Modules/ sections A through E. Modules A through D include landside drive-by lanes and parking.  Gate areas of Modules A - E are on the following levels:
- On level 3:  Modules A - gates A01-A43;  Module B - gates B01-B17;  Module C (at center) - gates C01-C30;  Module D - gates D01-D23; Module E - gates E01-E03
- On level 4:
  - Module A houses the baggage claim, shops, retaurants, & duty-free;
  - Module B houses the baggage claim, baggage check, a few shops & restaurants, duty-free and access to level 5's lounge;
  - Module C houses the baggage claim, a few shops & restaurants, bankig facilities and access to level 5's lounge and prayer room; 
  - Module D houses the baggage claim, some shops & restaurants, duty-free, banking facility and access to level 5's lounge;
  - Module E houses the baggage claim, restaurant, banking facility and the VPWing
Each of  Module of T1,  levels 3, 4 & 5 have similar layouts:
    Level 3 of T1 offers access to their relevant parking facilities and to Arrivals/Departures.
    Level 4 of T1 is the Departure & Arrivals level (with the exception of Module E):  Arrivals (east); Departures (west) - with separate entrances/exits, and with escalators & elevators, leading to/from level 5.  From the center  with gates G19-028, turning left are gates G09-18 & H1-8
  - Level 4 Departures:   Across from the Bus stop, and using the West entry door,  is  the information desk, with ticket counters on each side, check-in facilities beyond, and security checkpoint leading to the boarding area.
  - Level 4 Arrivals:  Passengers proceed to the baggage conveyor belt, go through Customs, and security check and enter the Arrivals hall with information counter, cash point and Departure customs.
    Level 5 of T1 is the Boarding Area, reached after security check.  Level 5 also houses the five  'Legend' Lounges available at each of Modules A through E:
Atlantic Lounge (FMG), Europa Lounge (FMG), Salon Air France, Delta Crown Room Club, and Emirates Lounge.
(Recently upgraded were gates E11 - E17, corresponding airline ticket hall for both Alaska & Delta airlines, as well as a new security checkpoint.  Phase 4 of Module E's upgrade project included redevelopment of gates E2-E10 and adding more concessions. The final Phase 5 has started or is to start soon.

C  - Terminal 2 - with G & H boarding gates serves exclusively Lufthansa Airlines and its Star Alliance partners.  Levels 4 & 5 house the Plaza in the center, with Pier North at right and Pier South at left; while the new Satellite Pier can be reached by underground train shuttle.
- Level 2 of T2 houses the train station; while Levels 3 & 4 of T2 connect to parking garage and rental cars (at east) and to taxi & bus (at west).
- Level 3 of T2 is the Arrivals level - with baggage claim, customs, information & rental car counters & outside bus & taxi services. (Level 3 also offers access to both Piers North & South with bus transport to the gates:
    Pier North of T2 houses:
 - on level 4
gates G01-G08 and G09-G18, G19-28 (wiht access to K gates), and offers some shops 7 restaurants, banking facilties, napcab sleeping cabins & services; and acces to Pier South
 - on level 5 gates H01-H08, H09-H18, H19-28, acces to L gates, gats H29-38 and H39-48,;  and offers some shops & restaurants and services, and access to Pier South
    Pier South of T2 houses on both levels 4 & 5 some shops & restaurants, a service area and a recreational area, while the gate areas are divided between levels 4 & 5: on level 4 gates G29-38 and G39-48; on level 5 gates H29-38 and H39-48.
- Level 4 of T2 is the Departure level - with access at left to to Plaza gates G01-08, G09-18, G19-28, and to K gates K12-118 - and access to the right to gates G29-38  & G39-48 and to Pier South.  Level 4 houses check-in facilities and security checkpoint, some shops & restaurants, banking facilities, a recreation area and napcab sleeping cabins. Level 4 also houses the following Lufthansa facilities: First-Class, Senator & Business lounges, the Senator Cafe,  Priority check-in,  Service Center, Ticket counters and its World Shop.
- Level 5 of T2 is the Departure level - with access to Plaza gates H18, H19-28, H09-18 and H01-08 (at left) with access to the L gates L11-L19; to gates H25-38, H39-48, and to the South Pier (at right) - houses some shops & restaurants, the First-Class & Senator Lounges, Business Lounge, and 3 Lufthansa Service Centers.
Transfer between T2 and new Satellite Pier:  The new automated PST (personal transport system) train runs between T2 and its new Satellite within one minute - along a 1,250-foot track at 16mph - able  move up to 9,000 passengers an hour in each direction.   
    The new Midfield Terminal (T2's Satellite Pier) opened April 2016, increasing total Airport capacity to 36M passengers a year. The PSIT train connects the Satellite to its main terminal T2 in less than a minute, by means of an 382-meter underground tunnel with two tracks.  The Satellite's 27 pier-side boarding gates with direct access to the aircraft allow passengers to to board the aircraft directly:
 - Level 4 houses K gates - K04-10, K12-18 & K20-30, with access to Pier South.
 - Level 5 houses gates L1-10  L11-19 at center, and L21-30 at opposite end, while the center leads to H gates. 
 - The T2 Satellite features mobile passenger bridges, a new series of retail & dining options with a central market place for German & international brands (including 16 retail stores, 7 food & drink locations and 3 duty-free shops). Other amenities & services at the T2 Satellite Pier include:
 - Baby-changing tables in all restrooms;
 - Well-marked play areas for smaller children;
 - Unaccompanied minors lounge with soccer table, 2 PCs, play corner & large cushions.
 - Quiet Zones with reclining seating;
 - Business Zones with free WLAN access, abundant electric outlets & USB connections;
 - 4 Shower facilities on the non-Schengen level  - accessible to all passengers.
 - A restricted mobility lounge with reclining chairs, newspaper & TV.
 - Lufthansa service desks offering information & help with connecting flights
 - 5 Lufthansa lounges (listed under Airline & Airport Lounges below).
 - a large Bavarian-style duty-free area .

Overall Airport Amenities and Services include food & drink and retail concessions - WiFi access, business center, banking and currency exchange, digital world, a cloak room, entertainment, finance & law; health-related services; hotels, information counters, lost & found, lounges, meet & assist service; meeting & conference rooms, rental car counters, Service Centers, individual terminal services, tourist information booths, a law office, VIP services, Medical services (specialty doctors, dentists, Radiological Diagnostics Center & pharmacies), Left Baggage tel. +49 89 975-21375; Lockers tel. +49 89 975-52530; and Conference Center tel. +49 89 975-93200.
    Airline & Airport Lounges at Munich Airport: Note that all lounges are at post-security areas. 
At Terminal 1: 
 - Air France KLM Lounge - tel:  +49 (0) 89-975 91118 (Module D, level 5);
 - British Airways Galleries Lounge - email: [email protected] (Module B, level 5);
 - Emirates lounges - visit emirates.com (level 5, Module C);
 - Atlantic Lounge - tel. +49 89 975-2 13 29 (level 3, Departures C)
 - Europe Lounge  - tel. +49 89 975-2 13 23 (behind security check, level 5, Module D) for the following airlines: AB, SU, WW, CY, D9, FI, FV, S7, RO, UT, EI, MK, V3, DL, EY, WY, RJ, S4, & U6.
At Terminal 2:
 - Lufhansa Senator & Business lounges for EU on level 4 - contact member airline or visit lufthansa.com.  Senator Lounge access: Star Alliance, LH, CA, C9, EW, QR;   Business Lounge access:  Star Alliance, LH, AC, UA, A3, KM, QI, BD, US, JP, G, QR.
 - Lufthansa Senator Cafe at level 4 - accessible to Star Alliance LH, LH Regional, KM, QI, JP & LG
 - Lufthansa Senator & Business lounges for non-EU on level 5 - contact member airlines or visit lufthansa.com.  Senator Lounge access: Star Alliance, LH, CA, EW, MS, C9 & QR.   Business Lounge access: Star Alliance, LH, AC, UA, A3, KM, QI, BD, US, JP, LG, QR.
At new Midfield Terminal:  5 new luxury lounge are jointly owned by Munich Airrport & Lufthansa:
 - Lufthansa First-Class Lounge is on the top level - to serve first-class and HON-circle members - and includes work spaces & some bedrooms.
 - Lufthansa's other four Senator & Business Lounges on the non-Schengen level cater to Lufthansa passengers with   business-class, frequent flyer & Lufthansa Senator status.]

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