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Palma de Mallorca Airport PMI serves the Island of Majorca and its capital city of Palma. It is Spain's third-largest airport and is point of entry for millions of tourists who flock to this Island particularly in summertime.

PMI Airport is adjacent to the village of Can Pastilla - 8 km southeast of the City of Palma, Majorca island (part of the Balearic Islands off Spain’s eastern shore adjourning the Mediterranean Sea). It is accessible from the Palma-Santanyi motorway (Autopista de Levante Ma-19, exit 7).

With two long runways and 26.2 million passengers in 2016, Palma de Mallorca Airport is hub to AirBerlin, Air Europa & Iberia, and is served by a multitude of domestic, international, regular & low-cost airlines, as well as by seasonal charter companies.  Major connecting airports are Barcelona and Madrid-Barajas.

Customs: tel. 971 789 103.  Customer Service: tel. 902 404 704

NOTE: Due to the much stricter new EU regulations, passport control at European airports has been taking much longer for passengers. The authorities have taken the following action to ease long lines:   As of July 11, 2017, 10 more customer care staff are at hand (also encouraging passengers to use the passport scanner system);  20 automatic e-scanners will be installed. There are now 5 double-passport control booths at Departures and 3 at Arrivals, as well as 20 more ABC System automatic scanners.  

Palma de Mallorca Airport has one four-level passenger terminal: Level 0 (the ground level), Levels 1 & 2 (the check-in levels), Levels 3 & 4 (security check with access to gate areas /concourses - referred to as 'Modules' A through D. While Module A is mostly used for domestic airlines, Modules B – D are for international airlines. 
Boarding in Modules A, B, C & D are on different levels, the entrance of which is on level 4. Pay attention to the signs which guide you to your gate number. You need to be
at your gate 30 minutes before flight departure.
Arriving either by taxi or car - you will enter directly the check-in level 2, containing airline counters, tour operators, & travel agencies.
Arriving at the parking garage - proceed to its fourth level and walk through the connecting tunnel to the passenger terminal, then go down to check-in level 2.
Iberia passengers with hand luggage only can use their airline's automat for a boarding pass. After getting your boarding pass, proceed to the departure floor P4.
Cruise ship arrivals can check in luggage and collect boarding passes at the seaport.
Oversized baggage (surfboards, bicycles, etc.): take it to the check-in desk of your airline & you will be taken to the proper oversized luggage desk.
    Departure Levels 2 & 4:  Level 2 is for ticket sale & check-in according to Zones A through F, with direct access to B gates - for A, C & D gates go to level 4.  Check-in desks and oversized baggage desks are marked by Zones A – F: Zone A  desks 1-34; Zone B desks 35-68; Zone C desks 69-102; Zone D desks 103-136; Zone E desks 137-170 and Zone F desks 171-2004. Automated check-in kiosks are also available near the self check-in counters on levels 2 & 4 (for Air Berlin on level 2 & 4; for Air Europa on level 2). Security checks are located on both levels 2 & 4.
Module A, level 0 has gates A01-A28, and offers some shops, food & drink, VAT refund, banking & medical service,
Module B, level 0 has gates B30-B37, and offers some shops, food & drink, & medical service.
Module C, level 1 has gates C38-C73, and offers shops, food & drink, banking & medical services, & internet access.
Module D, level 1 has gates D88-D99, and offers shops, food & drink, banking & medical  services & internet access (level 0 is currently not in service).
    Arrivals / Ground Level 0, which has 18 baggage claim carousels - numbers 8 & 9 are designated for non-Schengen and non-EU countries (for those who passed through customs).

Amenities in the passenger terminal include:  Aside from an assortment of food & drink and retail concessions, Palma Airport offers information counters, banking services,  tour operators, lost baggage services, baggage wrapping, internet access via 22 coin-operated computers with desks & chairs (some with printers for boarding pass printout) & distributed over  pre-seucrity areas). For information by persons with impaired hearing call 902 404 704 or +34 91 321 1000. For hotels close to the Airport you can call Federacion Empresarial Hotelera de Mallorca at 971 706 007.
    The Babor Lounge, a conference/events room, is on level 0 (tel. 971 789 620).
    VIP Lounge 'Formentor' are in Module D, level 0.  
    The 'Valldemossa' lounge is in the secured area on level 2 /Departures.


Palma de Majorca, 07611
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +34 91 321 1000

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