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Layover Ideas Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport AZA

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Top 5 Layover Ideas for Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

Have a layover at Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA) and wondering how to pass the time? Here are the top 5 layover ideas that you can do within 12 hours.

1. Explore the Commemorative Air Force Museum

Just a few minutes away from the airport is the Commemorative Air Force Museum. It's a perfect place for history buffs and aviation enthusiasts to explore. The museum has a collection of military aircraft from different periods, many of which are still in flying condition. You can even book a flight on one of these historic planes if you have enough time.

2. Visit the SanTan Village

If you're in the mood for shopping or dining, SanTan Village is a great option. This open-air shopping center has a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. It's only a short drive away from the airport, making it a convenient choice for a layover.

3. Relax at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

For nature lovers, the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch offers a peaceful retreat. This 110-acre preserve is home to more than 200 species of birds and has several walking trails. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Arizona.

4. Take a Trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History

Learn about the natural and cultural history of the Southwest at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including dinosaur fossils, a replica of a Spanish mission, and a three-story mountain with a waterfall. It's an educational and fun way to spend your layover.

5. Enjoy Some Golf

Arizona is known for its golf courses, and there are several near the airport. If you're a golf enthusiast, you can rent some clubs and hit the links. It's a great way to relax and get some exercise before your next flight.

Helpful Tips & Resources

Need help navigating your way through an unfamiliar airport? Look no further than iFly.com for expert tips and advice. Here are some helpful tips to help you travel stress-free through AZA Airport:

  • Don't let heavy bags slow you down! Make use of our airport's complimentary baggage carts, available for all travelers in the baggage claim area.
  • If you have some time before your departure, relax, grab a bite at one of AZA's restaurants, peruse the shops, or jump on the free internet and surf galore!
  • If you are flying in business or first class (or are a member), check out where the airline club lounges are located.
  • Once you have passed through security, you can use the airport map to find your gate, as well as the various restaurants and shops that are available on your route.
  • Surf to your heart's content. Jump on Phoenix Mesa Gateway airport's internet (free!)
  • For those (dreaded) early-morning flights, consider one of the airport hotels on or near AZA to spend the night prior to your flight. In many cases your parking for the trip's duration is free!
  • Have a flight arriving and want a fast way to get to your destination? Here are a few taxi and limo airport service providers that service the airport.

Nearby Attractions for an Extended Layover

If you have a longer layover of 12 to 48 hours at Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA), there's no need to limit yourself to the immediate vicinity of the airport. There are several attractions within a reasonable distance that are well worth a visit.

1. Discover the Beauty of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is a must-visit if you have an extended layover. Although it's a few hours' drive from the airport, the breathtaking views and hiking trails make it a worthwhile trip.

2. Explore Sedona

Sedona is known for its stunning red rock formations and vibrant arts scene. You can take a jeep tour, visit art galleries, or simply enjoy the natural beauty. It's about a two-hour drive from the airport, making it a feasible option for a longer layover.

3. Visit the Historic Town of Jerome

Once a thriving mining town, Jerome is now a bustling tourist magnet with a rich history. It's home to numerous art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. The town is about a two-hour drive from the airport.

4. Experience Phoenix

Phoenix, the state capital, is just a short drive from the airport. The city boasts a variety of attractions, including the Desert Botanical Garden, the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum. You can also enjoy a meal at one of the city's many excellent restaurants.

5. Take a Trip to Tucson

Tucson, about a two-hour drive from the airport, offers a variety of attractions. You can visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, explore Saguaro National Park, or take a tour of the historic Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Updated on: November 22, 2023