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Public Transportation Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport PHX

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Public Transportation from Sky Harbor Airport:  Ride share service, including Uber & Lyft are available at:
- T2 - east outside door 8
- T3: north curb, far east end outside door 9
- T4: level 1, north curb, far west end outside door 1 & at south curb, far east end outside of door 8.

Bus Routes 1, 44 & 32 connect with the Airport at 44th Street PHX Sky Train. The free PHX Sky Train runs regularly and takes minutes to get to the Airport. 
The PHX Sky Train runs every 5 mins between T3 & T4 ( level 3), to East Economy parking A & B, and on to the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station, where you can connect - via elevator /escalator - down to the platform of the 44th Steet /Washington Valley MetroLight Rail stop.  (The Sky Train, departing its 44th Street Station to Terminal 4, runs every 12-20 mins).
 - The 44th Street PHX SkyTrain Station connects directly to the Valley Metro Rail with access into Phoenix, Tempe & Mesa.
For Bus Routes 1, 44 & 32 open:  http://routes.valleymetro.org/timetables 
For Valley Metro Rail information open http://routes.valleymetro.org/timetables/938/transit_route?type=1  
The Metro Light Rail system
can be reached by taking the Sky Train from either Terminals 3 or 4 (a walkway connects T3 to T2):
- The free shuttle buses marked "METRO Light Rail & Airport Terminals" connect Terminals 2 & 3 to the 44th & Washington Streets METRO light rail stop. They can accommodate baggage, and their departure is tailored to the light rail schedule (every 12-20 mins, depending on day & time).
- The METRO Light Rail at 44th Station will take you to Phoenix, Tempe & Mesa - or you may connect from there to Bus Routes 1, 3 & 44. For 'Valley Metro' inquiries, call 602-253-5000, or open:  www.valleymetro.org/need_help/contact_us  or  http://routes.valleymetro.org/timetables/695/transit_route?type=1
The 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station connects directly to the Valley Metro Rail, which offers access to Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.The free PHX Sky Train runs regularly and is only minutes from the passenger terminals.

The Valley Metro City Bus Route 13 - fully accessible - stops at Terminal 2 (tel. 602-253-5000 or open: http://routes.valleymetro.org/timetables/transit_route/749?type=2 
Bus Routes 1, 44 and  32 connect with the Airport at the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station. The free PHX Sky train is minutess from the termina and runs regularly.  The 44th St. PHX Sky Train Station is a direct connection to Valley Metro Rail, which allows access to Phoenix, Tempe & Mesa.
(For Valley Metro Rail Connection to the Airport open: https://skyharbor.com/ParkingTransportation/PublicTransportation/LightRailConnection.)

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