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Picking up/ dropping off a passenger:  Parking facilities are accesible from I-280 W & E, I 74 & Hwy 6.
- The inside and outside pick-up and drop-off lanes are open for attended cars only--you may pick up/drop off passengers there during a short grace period, but you must stay with your vehicle at all times.
- A free Cell Phone Lot is available in the open lot, east of the Airport, accessible from the Airport Frontag Road.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb (follow frontage road to exit 6 or 7 leading to doors closest to baggage claim).
Other parking options at Quad City  Airport  include short- and long-term parking, and you can park in either lot.
There are multiple Long-Term parking entrances as you follow the frontage road in from the interstate, or airport road, but there is only one Short-Term parking lot entrance which may be accessed from the left lanes as you approach the terminal building.
At the parking lot exit use the right lane for credit card express.
 - If you miss the Short-Term entrances, you must circle around the frontage road again. Follow signs to 'return to terminal'.
 - If you exit the short-term lot through the gate arm and enter into long-term parking, and it is your intention to park in long-term, you must exit the lot completely and re-enter under a long-term parking ticket. Otherwise, since you pulled a short-term ticket, your parking will be charged at the short-term rate.

Parking fees: ( Fees apply to days 1 - 5, with days 6 & 7 free. Daily rates for short- & long-term parking restart on day 8).  
    Short-term Lot:
Fees:  first hr $1, 1-2 hrs. $3;  each add'l hour thereafter $2, up to 6 hrs $11; 6-24 hrs (daily max)  $15; weekly $75;
    Long-term Lot:
Fees:  first hr $1, add for each add'l hour thereafter $1, up to 6 hrs $6; 6-24 hrs. (daily max) $7; weekly $35.
NOTE:  Day rates for short- & long-term parking restart on the 8th day.

For more parking information call 309-764-9621.

Quad City Airport Parking Map

Quad City MLI airport parking map