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Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport GRU
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Public Transportation from Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport to your destination, and bus transfer from/to Congonhas Airport :  (Note that most taxi drivers do not speak English.)

By Subway/ Commuter Train  via Bus:  ( For subway map open www.metro.sp.gov.br/pdf/mapa-da-rede-metro.pdf )  The EMTU bus will take you to the following subway stations - the closest of which is Tiete for blue line 1; or to three other stations (all with red line 3) of Barrra Funda, Republica & Tatuape.
Jade Line 13 of the CPTM Guarulhos commuter train extends to neighboring city of Guarulhos.

By Bus: (A new  bus terminal - may have already been completed.)

GOL and LATAM airlines offer its passengers transer services to connect to Congonhas Airport:
 - LATAM buses depart hourly hours 1 - 23. No service after 1am & prior to 5am.
 - GOL buses disembark at T2, West; Service is between 5:30am hourly unti 22:30pm

    EMTU buses serve  Sao Paulo's Itaai Bibi, Metro Tatuape, Paulista Augusta, Republica (Republic Square), Barra Funda & Terminal Rodoviario Tiete.  EMTU buses also serve as connector to Congonhas Airport. Contact: www.airportbusservice.com.br, e-mail sac@airportbusservice.com.br; tel. 0800 7702287 or 11 2445 2430. EMTU buses run at T1 6am-11:15pm - at T2, 'landing' (assuming departing) west at 5:30am-11:10pm; arriving east continuously, 24 hours.
    Transurbano Guarulhos (Antigo Guarupas) - (http://transurbanoguarulhos.blogspot.com/br/ or e-mail trans_gru@live.com
- Bus 331 to Terminal Cecap
- Bus 332 to Rodoviaria
- Bus 436 to Jardim Santa Mena
- Bus 488 serves the Airport Circle
- Bus 723 to Terminal Pimentas via Monteiro Lobato
- Bus S132 - Airport /center - via Circuito Gastronomico
- Bus 172 for international shopping
    Capioli bus takes you to Campinas
    Pasaro Marrom buses take you to: Aparecide, Cachoeira Paulista Cruzeiro; Campos do Jordao, Guarantingueta, Sao Jose dos Campo & Taubate.
    Litoranea Buses take you to Barra do Una, Bertioga, Boicucanga, Caraguatatuba, Maresisas, Sao Sebastiao, & Ubatuba.
    Viacao Cometa buses take you to: Santos, Saso Vicente, & Sorocaba.

Shuttle Bus Service from/to Congonhas CGH to/from Guarulhos GRU Airports runs every 30 minutes, costing about R$40. For more information open http://www.airportbusservice.com.br/en/linhas .

By Train - Transportation improvements:
- Ongoing work on the new Onyx train line 14 - the 'Airport Express'  (a high-speed train connecting Guarulhos Airport with both Rio de Janeiro and Campinas airports) is intended to reduce travel time to the City by 20 mins . No completion date is yet available.

Find more help here for your journey through the airport