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Baggage & Security

Seattle Tacoma Airport SEA

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Baggage Claim at Seattle Tacoma SEA Airport

The baggage claim is on the ground level of the Main Terminal, where Arrivals from gates A6-14 will claim their bags and may enter the Arrivals Hall for meeters/ greeters, or exit the terminal and either head for transportation options or enter the Parking garage opposite the terminal.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Seattle Tacoma SEA Airport

"Smarte Cartes" for rent are conveniently placed throughout the terminal and on levels 2 through 6 of the Airport Garage.
Smarte Cartes are not allowed through security checkpoints, but are available for rent on Concourses A, B, C and D

SkyCaps area available to assist you with wheelchair or baggage.

Security at Seattle Tacoma SEA Airport

Security Checkpoints are managed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers can access their gates from any of the five checkpoint. The central Terminal checkpoint is open 24/7; operational hours for the other checkpoints are determined by the airlines' schedules for that day; checkpoint 1 is open seasonally for cruise passengers ony with limited hours.

Checkpoints 1& 2 lead to A & S gates, with access to all gates. 
Checkpoint 3 leads to Central Terminal, B & C gates, with acces to all gates.  It also has TSA PreCheck & Military/DOD lines.
Checkpoint 4 leads to C & D gats, with access to all gates.
Checkpoint 5 leads to D & N gates, with access to all gates.

TSA Pre-Check is at checkpoints 2 through 5.  
US Immigration & Customs has a Global Entry Program enrollment center is on the Mezzanine Level of the Main Terminal. Tel: 206-553-0467 /66

For more security information, open the TSA website at tsa.g/traveler-information.