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The Airport offers five parking choices: (All car parks are managed by an electronic parking system.)
1. Terminal 1-Car Park 1 - open-air parking; about 900 spaces for cars and 100 spaces for motorcycles available.
2. Terminal 2- Car Parks 2A and 2B - a multi-story car park, linked to the terminal with sheltered access; about 2,600 spaces for cars and 600 spaces for motorcycles.
3. Terminal 3 - Car Parks 3A and 3B - below the terminal in the basement; about 1,700 car spaces and 130 motorcycle spaces.

Free Pick-Up / Drop-Off Parking
All car parks provide a free 10-minute grace period for pick-up and drop-off. However, the full parking charge will apply for vehicles and motorcycles staying beyond 10 minutes. The parking charge is calculated from the time of entry.

Short- & Long Term Parking - There is no designated short- or long-term parking area. Fees:

Terminal 1 ( B2M and B2): first 90 minutes: S$0.04/min ; additional 30 minutes: S$5

Terminal 1 (General parking): S$0.04/min

Terminal 2,3,4: S$0.04/ min up to daily maximum S$57.60 

South Car Park : S$0.035/min up to daily maximum S$35
For motorcycles & Scooters, the fee is S$1.30/day (from 7AM-6.59 AM the next day) for all the parking facilities in the airport

Payment Methods: - at the exit, CashCard or Autopass Card accepted. Insert the card in the In-vehicle Unit or the reader in the exit station. Receipts available upon request. Make sure that your CashCard or Autopass Card have sufficient funds before exiting. Motorists who need to add funds to their CashCard or Autopass Card can use a "top-up" station located in the terminal or car park. However, the top-up station only accepts payment via NETS. Alternatively, motorists can contact the Car Park Service Counter located in each car park for assistance.

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