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If you want to pick up a passenger at the Airport,  you can use the short-term lot or  the Cell Phone Parking Lot located inside the 18-hr lot - a 3-4 minute walk to the terminal. Stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb.

Other parking options at South Bend Regional:  Note that all but the 18-hour lot are available for overnight parking, while the 18-hour lot opens at 5am and is closed at night.  You have the option to go ticketless paying by AMEX, VISA or MasterCard, pay-on-foot at the parking pay station by cash or credit card, or drive to the booth and pay the cashier with cash or credit card.
    Curbside Valet Parking premium service (574-288-4912 or 800-681-8885).
Fees:  $5 for up to 1 hr; $13 for 1-24 hrs.
   The Short-term lot across from the passenger terminal offers the first 30 mins. free - ideal for passenger pickup.
Fees:  first 30 mins free; 31-60 mins $2; each add'l hr $2, up to daily max $13.
    The Long-term lot is only 2 - 6 mins from the terminal.
Fees:  Each hr $1, up to daily max $9.
    The Economy Lot is only 3-4 mins from the terminal.
Fees:  Each hr $1; up to daily max $8; weekly $40.
    The 18-Hr Lot - also only 3-4 mins from terminal - is only available 5am-to last flight (no overnight parking).
Fees:  Each hr $1, up to $18 for 18 hrs max (no overnight parking!).

Payment options: Pay-on-foot credit card or cash at parking pay stations inside of the terminal; or drive to exit booth & present your ticket to cashier.

For more parking options call Republic at 574-234-1924.

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