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FlightAnchorage to SeattleFrom $289
FlightAnchorage to San FranciscoFrom $403
FlightAnchorage to Las VegasFrom $460
FlightAnchorage to Los AngelesFrom $468
FlightAnchorage to DenverFrom $480
FlightAnchorage to ChicagoFrom $568
FlightAnchorage to DallasFrom $607
FlightAnchorage to New YorkFrom $675
FlightAnchorage to AtlantaFrom $682
FlightAnchorage to CharlotteFrom $687

What other flyers are asking about Ted Stevens Anchorage Flights

Q: Which Airlines fly to/from Anchorage?

A: Airlines that fly from Anchorage airport include Penair Airlines, United Airlines, and Evergreen International Airlines. More...

Q: What are the cheapest flights from Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport?

A: Flight prices change continuously, depending on a number of factors including demand and availability. Additionally, different sites have access to different fares, so it's best to compare sites to get the cheapest flight options when considering flights from Ted Stevens Anchorage airport.

Q: What are the nearest airports in the Anchorage area?

A: The three closest airports to Anchorage are Fairbanks FAI airport, Juneau JNU airport, and Comox YQQ airport.

Q: Where can I fly direct from Ted Stevens Anchorage ANC Airport?

A; There are approximately 22 destinations that you can fly Direct to from ANC airport, which are listed below. Learn more about 'Direct’ vs ‘Non-stop flights’

Direct Flights from Ted Stevens Anchorage. Compare Fares & Find Deals!

Flight Time
Fare Range
Juneau (JNU)568 miles1:00 - 1:10 hrs$114 - $511
Vancouver (YVR)1327 miles2:22 - 2:45 hrs$265 - $1194
Bellingham (BLI)1367 miles2:26 - 2:51 hrs$273 - $1230
Seattle Tacoma (SEA)1445 miles2:34 - 3:00 hrs$289 - $1301
Portland (PDX)1539 miles2:45 - 3:12 hrs$308 - $1385
San Francisco (SFO)2015 miles3:36 - 4:12 hrs$403 - $1814
Salt Lake City (SLC)2120 miles3:47 - 4:25 hrs$424 - $1908
Los Angeles (LAX)2342 miles4:10 - 4:52 hrs$468 - $2108
Denver (DEN)2401 miles4:17 - 5:00 hrs$480 - $2161
Minneapolis-St Paul (MSP)2511 miles4:28 - 5:13 hrs$502 - $2260