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Victoria's attractions are so many, that when visiting Victoria attractions and Vancouver Island attractions, you are more likely to run out of time than run out of things to do. Your ideal holiday may call for doing a lot in a short time or, on the contrary, little of anything during a lengthy stay. Either way, the Island is bursting with attractions and things to do that provide the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation.

From museums and art galleries to castles, landmarks, gardens and zoos, Victoria's attractions invite visitors into a world of history, entertainment and color. Take a guided tour or stroll at your own pace. The only catch to visiting Victoria's attractions is that you will want to come back again and again.

Victoria Attractions are also popular with families and are often the ideal place to let kids run wild. Young visitors will delight in discovering local marine life, bugs, butterflies and farm animals. They can assist in carving a native totem pole or dig for minerals in a scratch patch. Recreation centers, swimming pools, water slides and mini-golf are always favorite attractions in any city.

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