Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Short-Term Parking (P1 & P2) at Schiphol Airport: - Parking for up to 2 days. Fees:
First half hr - EUR 2; 0.5-1 hr - EUR 4; 1-1.5 hrs - EUR 6; 1.5-2 hrs - EUR8; 2-2.5 hrs - EUR 10; 2.5-3 hrs - EUR 12.
Each subsequent hour - EUR 4; daily (24 hrs) max - EUR 27; 24-48 hrs. max - EUR 54; 48-72 hrs max - EUR 81.
For each subsequent 24-hour thereafter - max EUR 22.50

Height Restrictions: 2 meters for P1 or P2 (short-term parking). If you car exceeds 2 meters, park at car park P3 (long-term parking) at the short-term parking rate.

Long-Term Parking (P3) at Schiphol Airport (accessible by free shuttle bus): Fees are quoted by Season: Low season is between Jan.1 - April 20 and Nov.2 - December 31; high season is between April 21 and November 1:
Up to 72 hrs - EUR 50 in low season; EUR 50 in high season
Each subsequent 24-hour period - EUR 5/day in low season; EUR 6.50/day in high season.

Reserved Long-Term Parking at Schiphol Airport - Parking available 3 to 75 days. You can book just one day before departure. Guaranteed parking at P3. Use credit card to enter and exit P3. Fees--high season: Oct.28.-Apr.23; low season Oct.28-Apr.23):
First 3 days - EUR 48.50; each add'l day: high season EUR 5.50; low season EUR 5.

Smart Parking at Schiphol Airport - Park at Schiphol from EUR 5/day. To qualify for the special rate, reserve your parking space at least one week prior to your departure. It only takes a few minutes to get to the terminal. Upon reservation, you are guaranteed a parking space in P3/P3E; your credit card is your entry and exit card, reservation is on a first-reserve-first-served basis, so book early. Long-Term Reservation Fees:
8-days - EUR 48.50; 15 days - EUR 87.50; 22 days - EUR 110.

Valet Parking at Schiphol Airport - Make your reservation online; follow "Departure" signs; park car at special parking strip, directly in front of departure hall; hand in car keys at Valet Parking desk in departure hall 2 (open 6am-11:30pm) - check in. On your return, get your car keys - your car is waiting for you in front of the departure hall. Fees:
Days 1-3: EUR 37.50/day; Days 4-7: EUR 22.50/day; 10% discount with airline reservation.
For further information call +31 (0)20-406 7890.

Amsterdam Schiphol ( AMS ) Airport Parking Map

Amsterdam Schiphol AMS airport parking map

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