Auckland Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

PARKING OPTIONS AND FEES AT AUCKLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: (all fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include taxes - fees are subject to change at any time):

Short-Term Parking - The Domestic Terminal's short-term parking has 4 choices: 1. Pick-up/Drop-off; 2. Uncovered, 3. Covered, 4. Business Parking. The International Terminal's short-term parking is limited to the uncovered parking area.

1. Pick-up/Drop-off Fees: (at short-stay only)
First 10 min's FREE; 10-20 mins $3; 20-30 mins $5, 40-60 mins $7; 1-2 hrs $11, 2-3 hrs. $15; 3-4 hrs. $19; subsequent hrs $10; up to daily max $48; Each day thereafter: $4/hr up to daily max.

2. Uncovered Parking Fees: (at both Domestic and Internat'l Terminals - same fees)
First 10 mins FREE; 10-20 mins $3; 20-40 mins $5; 40-60 mins $7; 1-2 hrs $11; 2-3 hrs $15; 3-4 hrs $19; subsequent hrs. $4; up to daily max $30 for first day and max $26/day thereafter.

3. Covered Parking Fees (at short-stay only)
First 10 mins FREE; 10-20 mins $3; 20-40 mins $5; 40-60 mins $7; 1-2 hrs. $11; 2-3 hrs. $15; 3-4 hrs $19; subsequent hrs $4; up to daily max $34; subsequent days $4/hr up to daily max.

4. Business (Covered) Parking Fees - (at short-stay only)
For first 24 hrs at $38 minimum; subsequent days: $19/hr, or part thereof.

Long-Term Parking - The Domestic Terminal long-term parking is limited to the uncovered parking area. The International Terminal's long-term parking choices are: Uncovered and Covered Parking.

1. Uncovered Parking Fees: (at both Domestic and Internat'l Terminals - same fees)
Up to 24 hrs $29; 1-2 days $39; 2-3 days$49; 3-4 days $59; 4-5 days $69; 5-6 days $79; 6-7 days $89; each subsequent day: $10

2. Covered Parking Fees: (at Internat'l Terminal only)
Up to 24 hrs $32; 1-2 days $48; 2-3 days $64; 3-4 days $79; 4-5 days $89; 5-7 days $99; each subsequent day: $12

Economy - Park and Ride Parking offers long-term, low-cost parking for all domestic and international travelers. The car park is near the airport terminals and a free 24/7 courtesy shuttle will get you to/from the terminal buildings in less than eight minutes. The waiting lounge within the car park employs a full-time parking staff on-site and offers comprehensive security monitoring, Park & Ride is a safe and secure place to park when you are away. Current parking deals: Stay for 5 days for $59 or 7 days for $69. Regular rates are:
First 2 days $29; thereafter each day adds $10; 6th day $69; 7th day free; 8th day $79; each following day (days 9-20) increases by $10 up to day 20: $199.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: In cash, by credit card or Eftpos.

1. Autopay stations (APMs) are located alongside pedestrian access ways at the domestic terminal and in the outer forecourt area at the international terminal. There is also an APM on the pedestrian walkway as you walk to/from the long-term parking areas at the international terminal. All autopay stations take cash and credit card payments.

2. Smart Pay - Credit card in & out--just swipe your credit card at the SmartPay terminal when entering the car park of your choice, then swipe again when you exit. SmartPay is available at the entry/exit lanes of most of the Airport car parks.

3. Parking booths - located at the exit of the domestic uncovered car park, on the ground floor of the domestic multi-story car park and also at the exit of the main public short-term car park at the international terminal. Booth attendants accept cash, Eftpos (NZ only) and credit card.


Drop-off and pick-up locations
The Airport provides a great option of parking in any uncovered carpark, where the first 10 minutes are free! At the international terminal, there is a designated public drop-off area located in the middle forecourt lane. Look for the public drop-off signs as you enter the international forecourt. At the domestic terminals, a pick-up drop-off car park is available opposite the Air NZ terminal. This is a safe place to park when you want to drop off or pick up travelers and their luggage. You may also use the domestic terminals forecourt areas, however no parking is permitted.
Due to strict secruity requirements, any vehicle left unattended at the terminal forecourts may be immediately towed.

Designated parking for mobility card holders
Parking spaces are provided on the outer forecourt road of the international terminal and in front of the domestic terminals for motorists displaying a valid mobility card. Additional parking spaces are provided within each of the short-term car parks, at locations as close as possible to the terminals.

Business parking at the domestic terminal
Designated business parking is available in the multi-level car park at the domestic terminal. Fully covered,with 200 spaces, this area has the most direct under-cover access into the domestic terminal. With extra-wide car parks and autopay machines located next to the parking area, this is a great place for the busy business traveler to park. Look for the business parking signs at the domestic terminal parking area, head on up the ramp and take the left-hand lane into level 1 of the multi-storey car park.

Low emission vehicles priority parks
Auckland Airport has installed 21 priority parks in the international public car park for hybrid vehicles and vehicles with engine sizes 1.6 litre or under. The parks are identified with a green priority parking signage at the front of the park and also on the ground.

For parking information call 0800 247 767 (within New Zealand).

Auckland ( AKL ) Airport Parking Map

Auckland AKL airport parking map

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