Guest Services at Auckland AKL Airport

Lost & Found

 For items lost at the check-in counter, at the departure gate area or onboard the airplane, contact your airline.

For items lost inside the terminals, contact Lost & Found: The Lost & Found Office is located in the operations building, at the rear of the International Terminal -  or call +64 9 256 8813 or e-mail: [email protected]

Note:  If you lost your passport, call +64 9 275 9046  (Airport Police);  If you left a duty-free item behind, it will be transferred to NZ Customs. 

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed at the AKL terminals, unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact your airline as to their requirements.


Smoking areas Smoking is permitted before security in designated areas of the forecourt at the international terminal. Departing and transit travellers can access the smoking lounge after security, on the second level of the international terminal.

International Travelers at Auckland AKL Airport

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