Banking/ATM Services at Barcelona BCN Airport

La Caixa full-service banking - tel. 937 157 540 / fax 933 702 988
Terminal 1, level 1, at La Plaza,
Terminal 2B,  level 0, at Arrivals Hall.

ATM cash machines are available in the following terminal areas of BCN Airport:
1. Bankia at T1, level 3, check-in area; and at level 1: at La Plaza, Boarding area B, Sky Center, Barcelona-Madrid Corridor, & check-in area.
2. Banco Popular
at T1, level 1, at Barcelona-Madrid Corridor, Sky Center, Baording area B, & La Plaza. At level 3 in check-in area.
3. Catalunya Caixa at T2B, at level 0 (check-in hall) and at level 1boarding module M3.
4. Sevired (La Caixa) at T1, level 3, check-in hall; and at level 1at: Barcelona-Madrid Corridor, Sky Center, LaPlaza, & Boarding aAea B.
5. Sevired (Catalunya Caixa) at T2B, level 0 in check-in hall, asnd at levell 1 a Brding Module M3.
6. Santander at T2B, level 0, at check-in hall.

Currency Exchange at Barcelona BCN Airport

Foreign Currency Exchange services at BCN Airport are available from La Caixa Bank & Global Exchange:

La Caixa Bank
- tel 933 702 063 / fax 934 781 988.
Terminal 1, level 1 at La Plaza  and
Terminal 2B,  level 0, at Arrivals Hall
Global Exchange - tel. 900 855 550; e-mail: [email protected] :
Terminal 1,  at level 1 at check-in - center, at Boarding Area D, Sky Center & baggage claim hall;
Terminal 2,  at boarding corridor between M3 & M4, at level 0, in baggage reclaim hall of T2A & T2B

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