Barcelona Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking Fees: The following fees apply to all car parks at Barcelona Airport:

The First 30 minutes - �0.021218 per minute;
31 to 60 minutes - �0.033596 per minute;
61 minutes and above - �0.027309 per minute - until daily max is reached.
Daily max. up to four days �18.00 each day;
Daily max. from the fifth day onward, �14.40 each day.

VIP Parking - office located Terminal B, sublevel; tel: 932 971 381, fax 934 781 485.
Parking in an enclosed car park with security surveillance and vehicle pick-up service at meeting points, in front of terminals A, B and C. Services offered: boarding pass management, car wash, oil change, and vehicle delivery to wherever the customer wishes, ITV (vehicle roadworthiness test), etc. For further information you visit "Parking VIP Barcelona" website. (Fee schedule ranges from 1-2 days at �65; 7 days at �135; etc.).


The Barcelona airport has close to 12,000 parking spaces, over2.000 of which are located in the parking building connected to Terminal C by an airbridge, and 2,600 more are located in the car park across from Terminal A, which is also connected by an elevated corridor. The remaining parking spaces are on ground level and are uncovered car parks spread out over different terminals. All of the zones have access controls manned by permanent watch guards and customer services.

To access the car Park:
Obtain a ticket by pressing the button on the ticket dispenser located at each access point. Once in the car park, drive very slow--10 km/hr. A tow truck will remove all vehicles parked in unauthorized spots and the offender will be charged a fine.

After leaving your car, make sure to lock the doors. Take the ticket with and put it in a safe place. Remember your parking space number.

Leaving the Car Park:
Pay the parking fee prior to removing the vehicle. 29 automatic payment machines are located in the terminal lobbies, at the pedestrian entries to the car park and on the ground and second floors (next to the airbridge) in buildings PA and PC. After payment, remove the validated ticket from the machine and go to your vehicle. You have 20 minutes to leave the car park. To leave, insert the ticket in the ticket machine located in each lane.

If you have lost the ticket or you have any other parking problems, request information by pressing the button available on all of the automatic payment machines or go to the information center. If your car battery does not work, the car park operators will start your car free of charge.

Barcelona ( BCN ) Airport Parking Map

Barcelona BCN airport parking map

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