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El Prat Airport layout, Getting around, Non-Schengen Arrivals (Foreign), getting to the right terminal, Notices, Terminal Details, VIP Lounges, Cruise passengers, and T2A/T2B updates:

passenger terminal complex at Barcelona El Prat Airport consists of  two passenger terminals T1 & T2 - connected by shuttle bus ride (or a 10-20 minute walk). T1 handles about 70 percent of all flights. The RENFE station is at T2.
The Barcelona-Madrid Air Corridor is north of T1, housing the Air Shuttle to Madrid and a baggage carousel; it has a taxi rank & direct carpark access.
Recent updates include special family lanes, self-service baggage drop, fast-lane, automated passport control AB, Aeana Customer Club, & transport vehicle for persons with reduced mobility.

- Getting Around at El Prat: The  free green shuttle bus, which stops outside of T1, T2B & T2C, and the train station,  runs every 4 minutes (8am-8pm); every 7 mins (5am-8am), & midnight to 5am (every 20 mins).
- Non-Schengen country /Foreign arrivals need to go through passport control prior to proceeding to the baggage reclaim hall, which is used for both Schengen & non-Schengen arrivals. If you have something to declare, you will also need to go through customs clearance with your bags.
- To get to the right terminal, note that each airline serving El Prat Airport is assigned a specific terminal and boarding zone, as listed below.  Terminal 1 has its check-in counters in Departures hall, level 3;  Terminal 2 is divided into 3 check-in areas A, B & C; and the Barcelona-Madrid Air Shuttle check-in is in the north dock of T1.


- American Airlines passengers
arriving at El Prat Airport will be able at to transfer via Vueling flight on a single ticket, while their bags will be automatically transferred to the Vueling aircraft.
- Wizz or Norwegian airline passengers arriving from non-Schengen (foreign) countries at El Prat Airport need to retrieve their bags at Terminal 2A.
- Multi-use centers in both T1 & T2 enable passengers to print, copy & bind documents, ship & manage excess baggage; The Excess Baggage Company in this area offers suitcases, and other travel-related merchandise.  Location: At T1 on 'billing floor' (la planta de facturacion); and at T2 at T2B, between Cafe di Fiore & Pans & Co.   


Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport has Boarding Zones /Concourses A through E (with A - E gates)-  served by a host of major international airlines, stationed on level 3 (while low-cost airlines use T2). 
    The 545,000 sq.meter Terminal houses 168 check-in counters*, 50 jetways, 18 baggage carousels, and a fast-track lane to the security checkpoint. T1 also offers Family security lanes.  While its ground level Level 0 is the baggage claim level - levels 1, 2 & 3 are all departure levels, while airline gates are on levels 1 & 3. 
The terminal offers three VIP lounges, along with a range of brand-name shops and restaurants, bars & fast-food stores and services. The left-luggage office at T1 is on level 0, intermodal lobby.
  - Arriving passengers need to locate their baggage belt on Level 1:  baggage pickup is according to EU, non-EU countries, and Madrid Air shuttle flights. 
 - Departing passengers find check-in facilities on levels 0, 1 & 3;  and their Boarding gates on levels 1 or 3.
T1 has five boarding zones - A through E on two separate (levels 1 & 3):  Zones A & D are in the North dock &  Zones C &  E are in the South dock. Both Zones have separate security checks.
Boarding Area A (for Schengen flights & air shuttle) houses on level 1 A gates A-22- A1;
Boarding Area B (for Schengen flights) houses on level 1gates B24-B69;
Boarding Area C (for Schengen & Regional flights) houses on level 1gates C70-C98.
- Boarding
Area D (for EU non-Schengen flights) houses on level 3 gates D21-D03;
Boarding Area E (without EU flights) houses on level 3 gates E70-E77.
The Virtual Airport Assistant
can give directions to passengers at T1 by means of 8 touch-screens; they are located throughout check-in, boarding & arrivals areas - three of which are in the secured area.
Information Counters at T1:  (a) at level 1: Sky Center, at start of Boarding B, at boarding B,  at end of boarding B & at the Plaza;  (b) at level 3: check-in hall, secured areas, Boarding D
Rental car Agencies are located at Terminal T2B.
VIP Lounges & Business Center in T1:
- Colomer VIP Lounge
for Barcelona-Madrid Air Corridor - at T1 north - e-mail
- Joan Miro VIP Lounge - a large lounge at T1, level 2, divided into working & rest areas, with meeting rooms, showers/bath, and other services - intended for passengers traveling to non-EU countries - tel. 932 596 428.
- Pau Casals VIP Lounge at T1, level 2, intended for travelers to EU countries - similar to Joan Miro lounge - tel. 932 596 430.
Canudas VIP lounge is at U gates.
- The Business Center
is on level 1 (tel. 933-758-6000) and offers a boardroom dividible into 4 lounges, resting units with bed, shower, TV & internet;  5 computer-equipped offices, and a fitness area.
Cruise passengers at T1

departing El Prat via American, British, Lufthansa, Air France or KLM airlines, check in at the ground level lobby of the parking garage;
- arriving at El Prat by air and transferring to the port for Royal Caribbean cruise: passengers may check in bags & pick up boarding pass at Terminal 1's lobby;
- Delta offers a special check-in service for passengers arriving from a cruise and heading back via Delta to the U.S.

Terminal 2  with two levels is mainly served by Ryanair and other low-cost airlines.
 - Arriving passengers from B & U gates use the baggage claim area at center;
 - Arriving passengers from M & R gates use the baggage claim area at west side.
 - Arriving passengers from W & Y gates use the baggage claim area at east side
 - All arriving passengers go to the baggage claim, pass customs, and find thereafter a cafe, 'The Market', and rental car counters and outside transportation.
 - T2 Departure Halls: at  T2's west end is T2C Special Check-in; at T2B, center center all other check-in. Departing passengers enter the terminal in the center, where they find a pharmacy, food & drink, travel shop and cafe a large check-in facility - divided into check-in counters B1-43 and  B44-B106. Boarding gates are on both ground & first levels.
- After check-in procedure and passing through security checkpoint, passengers may proceed to the boarding areas located on levels 0 or 1:  The secured areas offer plenty of food  drink and retail concessions.
Level 0 provide security checkpoint for transit passengers, passport control, transit flight information, shops & restaurants, rental car counters,  banking facilities, business & family information counters & outside terminal transport. 
   Level 1 of T2 houses the Security Control, Connecting Flight Security Checkpoint and Passport Control - leading to boarding gates on levels 0 and 1: (Each gate area is shaped in a triangle, reached by escalator or elevator - with 'U' gates in the center, S & R gates at west &  W & Y gates at east. 
- on Level 0 - east to west gates Y53-58; W42-47; U31-36, S20-25; and R09-14.
- on Level 1 - east to west gates Y59-63, W48-52, U37-41*, S26-30, R15-19 and separate West gates M01-M08. (* The Canudas VIP lounge is at U gates.)