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Eating at IAD Dulles Airport

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Let’s be real, no one looks forward to airline food, no matter how much wine they’ve consumed before it is served.   However, enjoying a great pre-departure meal is very easy if you’re departing from Washington Dulles, as the airport offers over 10 different restaurants with International cuisine.   Here are five of our favorites...   Vino Volo- IAD Concourse [...]

Things to do at IAD Airport

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You’ve been sitting in the gate area at Washington Dulles for the past two hours when you hear those dreaded words...   “Ladies and Gentleman, Flight 365 is cancelled due to a mechanical problem. Please line up at the gate, and we will book you on the next available flight.”   Just great.   You merge gracefully into the stampede of frantic passengers who are [...]

Pros & Cons of IAD Airport

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Pros               Free WiFi   - Washington Dulles offers travelers free Wi-Fi throughout all terminals, just use the “Dulles Airport” SSID for access. Other “for-pay” wireless services are still available for travelers.   International Departures – Dulles is definitely the airport of choice for international departures out of the Washington DC metropolitan area…the only inter [...]