Guest Services at Charleston CHS Airport

Other services offeed by Charleston Airport:

An information booth is located by the main entrance in the main CHS terminal atrium. For outside information call 843-767-1100

Important telephone numbers for Charleston Airport:
Airport Terminal Services: 843-767-5282
Republic Parking 843-767-7318
Airport police / TSA  Emergency Dispatch 843-767-7005
Administrative Office 843-767-7000 
Delta Global Services 843-767-7318    

Lost & Found

1. If you lost an item at the gate area or onboard your airplane, contact your airline's lost & found department. 
2. If you lost an item at rental car counters or in rental cars, contact your agency directly.
3. If you lost an item at any other place in the terminal or parking facilities, contact the Airport Police by calling 843-767-1100 or e-mail [email protected]  Items will be stored for 90 days only.

Mail Center


Two Service Animal Relief Areas are available at CHS Airport, outside of the passenger terminal:  One is outside of the ticketing lobby, and the other outside the bagage claim area of the terminal.


International Travelers at Charleston CHS Airport