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Internet Access at Chicago OHare ORD Airport

Unlimited free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout all terminals at O’Hare International Airport and is offered both pre- and post-security. Follow these simple steps to access the Wi-FI network: Make sure the “Wi-Fi” function on device is turned ON.
Devices supported include laptops, tablets and smartphones. Select “Boingo Hotspot” or _Free_ORD _Wi-Fi from your 'Settings' or 'Network Preference' menu. Launch an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
Note: You must load a new non-https URL to prompt the Wi-Fi access page to load. ​ Under ORD Free Unlimited Wi-Fi, choose “Watch Ad to Connect” If you are having difficulties accessing the O’Hare network with these instructions, please reach out to Boingo Wireless Customer Care at (800) 880-4117.
Power Stations are in all Terminals T1 - T5 & in many seats of waiting areas.
T1at gates B4, B11, B14, B15, B19,  C7, C15, C21 & C28.
T2 at gate E8 & F2
T3 at gates G9, G19, H12, K9, K12 & L10
T5 at gates M13.

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