Frankfurt Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Listed below are: 1. Garage Parking Fees and Payment Methods; 2. Short-Term Parking Fees & Payment Methods; 3. Economy Parking (Holiday Car Park & other areas) & Fees. General Information includes: Meeting Passengers; Parking for Business Travelers and Directions; ACS Car Maintenance/Services; and Parking contact:

1. Garage Parking Fees:
Up to 30 mins - 1.50 �; up to 60 mins - 3.60 �. Each add'l hr - 3.60 �
Daily max. - 23.50 �
First and second week - 117.50 � each
Each following day - 5.00 �
Three weeks - 152.50 �
Each add'l wk thereafter - 35 �

Payment Methods: Pay at the pay machines in cash, by credit cards or by EC card.
If you need assistance, the car-park management staff are available to help you 24/7 at the main exits from the parking garages and underground parking garages at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

2. Short-Term Parking: Use of one the parking choices available in garages close to Terminals 1 and 2. If you pick up or drop off somebody at the Airport, go straight to the parking garages at the terminals. Do not park in front of the terminals. Fees:
Up to 30 mins - � 1,50
Up to 60 mins - � 3,60
Each add'l hr - � 3,60
Daily max - � 23,50
One week - � 117,50
Two weeks - � 117,50
Each add'l day or part thereof - � 5,00
Three weeks - � 152,50
Each week thereafter - � 35,00

Payment Methods: Pay at the pay machines in cash, major credit cards or by EC card. If you have any problems, the car-park management staff are available to help you 24/7 at the main exits from the parking garages and underground parking garages at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

3. Economy Parking - Holiday Car Park & Other Areas - Whether you have booked your parking space in advance or want to drive to the parking lot directly - The Holiday Parking in the south of the airport and other numerous parking areas at terminals 1 + 2, which you can either book with Holiday offers for vacationers in advance or stop at directly, supply many opportunities to start off your holiday relaxing. Drive directly to the car park and park on one of over 1,500 parking spaces. A freeshuttle bus service is available 24/7 to transfer you to your departure terminal within a few minutes. Located directly at the car park, the bus stops are clearly signed and feature call buttons for the shuttle bus. Please remember to allow a little extra time for parking your car and your transfer to the terminal. Fees for 2009:
Up to 60 mins and each add'l hr - 3,60 �
Daily max - 23,50 �
2 days - 47 �, up to 1 week (8 days): April - 49,00 �; from May 1 - 64,00 �
Each add'l day - 2,50 �
2 weeks (15 days): April - 64,00 �; from May 1 - 79 ,00 �
3 weeks (22 days): April - 79,00 �; From May 1 - 94,00 �
Each add'l week - 15,00 �
Price calculated from time of arrival. Subject to availability.

General Information

Meeting Passengers: - Follow signs to arrivals area and wait at the exit--display boards direct you to the exit of each arriving flight, which your party will use after retrieving their luggage. Below is a checklist for picking up passengers, alternative meeting points, and other important information: Checklist--write down name of airline, flight number, flight coming from, scheduled departure time, arrival date, scheduled arrival time and Terminal (1 or 2). The airlines usually depart from and arrive at the same terminal.
Alternative Meeting Points are either the central meeting points in each of the two Frankfurt terminals, marked by a blue luminescent sign "Meeting Point", -or- Terminal 1, Hall B, Level 1 (Arrivals) and Terminal 2, Hall E, Level 2 - clearly marked waiting areas with seats.
Other Important Information available to you from home, while you're on the road, and right at the airport: FRA Airport Communication Center team can be reached by phone within Germany: 01805-372 4636, or worldwide: +49-069-6900.
Via Videotex: (a) Hessen 3: Departures on screens 561 to 563, arrivals on screens 564 to 566; ( b) SWR 3: Departues on screens 561 to 563, arrivals on screens 564 to 566; (c) 3sat: screen.

Parking for Business Travelers: If you want to park quickly, use either the overground and underground parking garages at Terminals 1 and 2 at our regular parking charges. You can reach our parking facilities as follows:
From autobahns A3 and A5 or federal highway B 43, follow the signs for Terminal 1. Five entrances (P1 to P5) lead into our Terminal parking garage. And whichever entrance you use, you�ll always be able to enter Terminal 1 direct. Should one area be temporarily full, you will be guided automatically to the next entrance.

ACS Car Maintenance/Services: Park your car in a safe garage section at Terminal 1 and receive the following services:
The vehicle will be transferred to garage; during your absence your car will receive maintenance and service; your vehicle is kept safely at the ParkTresor (Parking Strong Room) and your valuables kept safe. For more information, call +49 (0) 69 690 27901 or Fax +49 (0) 69 690 27331
Directions: Reach ACS via the access road to Terminal 1, entrance P 4 to the underground garage. Go as far as row 228 and call for service from the ACS phone, available 24/7. Fees
First hour - 10,00 �; each add'l hour - 3,00 �; daily fee, up to 28,00 �. Note: ACS does not accept credit cards!

For further parking information call +49 (0) 69 6 90-79 4 55 or via email: [email protected]

Frankfurt ( FRA ) Airport Parking Map

Frankfurt FRA airport parking map

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