Guest Services at Glasgow GLA Airport

Lost & Found

1.  For items lost in the airplane, in an airline lounge or on an airline bus, contact your airline;  exception: for British Airways & Thomas Cook use contacts of item 2 below.

2.  For items lost at Glasgow Airport, go to  the Lost Property Office in the check-in hall (ground level); or contact Airport Management Services - tel. +44 (0)20 141 848 4740; fax +44 (0)141 842 1198, or e-mail: [email protected]

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed at the airport, unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact your airline as to their requirements. If you take your pet out of the country, contact your vet as to EU requirements, or, for non-EU destinations, the embassy of that country, as to required shots & documentation.


No smoking is allowed at GLA Airport.

International Travelers at Glasgow GLA Airport