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Hilo Airport ( ITO ) Terminal Map Information

Hilo ITO Terminal Map


The passenger terminal at Hilo International Airport is situated at the southern edge of the Airport. It currently serves Hawaian & United airlines, and helicopter tours.  Recent airport  projects completed include Terminal roof replacement, new lobby furniture; replacement of 3 passenger loading bridges; installation of new windows on level 2.  Level 2 houses three gate areas: - from West to East gates 3,4,5, Gate 6, and Gates 7,8,9.
In the center of the terminal at entry is a restaurant, dividing ticketing / check-in lobby and baggage claim for Hawaiian Air - at right, United and helicopter tours - at left.
The baggage claim area has  C & D belts at west end and A & B belts at east end. 
After passing security check is the passenger lounge with access to gates 5 to 3 to the left, gate 5 in the center, and gates 7 to 9  to the right.

- The Hawaiian Air Premier Club
is in the northwest corner of the departure lounge on the first floor.
- A crosswalk near the restaurant leads to the rental car facilities and to public parking.