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Guest Services at Hilo ITO Airport

Other services offered by Hilo Airport:

Service Counters - tel: (808) 934-5838 - are located throughout the terminal:
The inter-island arrivals counters are open daily 6am-10:30pm.
The central departure counter is intermittently covered from 6am-8pm. The courtes phones there can assist you 6am-10:30pm.
Brochure racks are located at the Aloha and Hawaiian arrival areas, the central rack space, baggage claim area A-B and C-D walkways.
Arrival area phone numbers are (808) 934-5837 or (808) 934-5839.
The Hawaiian Air Premier Club/Pualani Plus is shared with American Trans Air (ATA). It is in the passenger departure lounge on level 1, in the northwest corner.
Credit card telephones are near the central area.
Phone cards in $20 denominations may be purchased at the Airport News Stand, located inside security check points.

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