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Banking/ATM Services at Indianapolis IND Airport

Chase Bank ATMs are located throughout the terminal in the following locations: Baggage Claim near the escalators/stairs leading up to the Pedestrian Bridge Civic Plaza near the entrance to Concourse A and the USA Today newsstand Near Gate A10 in the Concourse A Amenity Center Across from Gate B5 in the Concourse B Amenity Center Travelex is best known for supplying foreign exchange currency at its bureaus located in airports and other tourist locations throughout the U.S. and around the world. In addition to currency exchange, Travelex also offers a range of products and services, including travel insurance, phone cards, prepaid travel money cards in Euros and Pounds, money transfers and more. At IND, the Travelex bureau is located in Baggage Claim. Contact a representative at 317-248-0017 or visit the Travelex website for more details.

Currency Exchange at Indianapolis IND Airport

At IND Airport, Travelex Currency Exchange Service (tel. 317-248-0017 or visit: https://www.travelex.com/ ) is available in the baggage claim area.  It also carries phone cards, handles travel insuurce and prepaid travel money cards in Euros & Pounds, as well as money transfers, and has a foreign currency ATM. .

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