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Jakarta Hatta CGK Terminal Map CGK Terminal 1 CGK Terminal 2 CGK Terminal 3


Layout of the Terminal Complex; Airlines serving Terminals; International Arrivals Procedures, Terminal Details; Amenities/Services, including Lounges, and Upcoming Developments:

The passenger terminal complex at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport consists at present of three half-circle shaped terminals T1, T2 & and the new T3U (Terminal 3 Ultimate)
- served by a free shuttle bus and  the Soetta Sky Train.  There is also a seasonal Hajj Terminal used by special charters).  Ter
- Terminal 1 - for domestic flights - with  sub-terminals 1C, 1B (center) & 1A.
- Terminal 2 - for domesticflights  - with sub-terminals' 2D, 2E (center) & 2F.
- Terminal 3 Ultimate - partially opened Jun 20, 2016  (to be fully operational by March 2017) - serving all international flights
NOTE:  Domestic Terminals 1 & 2 will undergo upgrade and capacity extension, each to handle up to 18 million passengers each. 
- Skytrains shuttle passengers between terminals, while commuter trains take them to the city in under an hour.

International Arrivals Procedures at Jakarta Airport
are posted in the arrivals hall of Terminals 2 & 3:  If arriving from a Visa-Waiver country without a Visa, you may proceed to the visa-on-arrivals counter, before proceeding to immigration. Those with a visa may proceed directly to immigration.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  NOTE: T1 & T2 are being expanded to a capacity of 18 & 19 million passengers, respectively.
   Terminal 1 with sub-terminals 1A, 1B & 1C
handles domestic flights. The main terminal is divided into A, B & C sections - each of which has 25 check-in counters, 5 baggage carousels and 7 gates. At 1A : Wings Air  ticketing is on level 1/ Departures.  Tour operators & travel agents are on level 1/ Arrivals. A VIP lounge on level 1 is in the Arrivals Lobby, next to the viewing gallery access.
T1's ground level is divided into Arrival & Departure areas: (a) Arriving passengers pick up their bags, go through customs and enter the arrivals lobby with  various amenities and services. The VIP lounge (Lantai Satu) is at the east end, with connections to Terminals 1B & 1C.  (b) The center houses a cash mashine. (c)  Departing passengers check in, go through security check  and enter boarding area with amenities & servcies, withaccess to the departure gates.
NOTE: T1 is currently undergoing expansion work to increase capacity to 18 million passengers a year.
    Terminal 2 with sub-terminals 2D, 2E & 2F handles domestic flights. T2 has a main terminal divided into Sections F, E & D, each of which has 25 check-in counters, 5 baggage carousels and 7 gates.
- The ground level is the Arrivals level - with passport controls, Visa on Arrival counter, baggage carousels and two separate customs checks . The Arrivals level has an information counter, several currency exchange booths, & elevator (after information desk) up to the free shuttle bus  connecting to the other terminals.,
- The upper level is the Departure level, reached via entrance doors 1 - 4 serving the following areas: Doors 1,2 & 3 lead to security check gate D4: to the left is ANA check-in & Premier Lounge; to the right is ANA check-in countes 17-24, ticket couners and security check D2 leading to passport control and acccess to gates D1-7 and E1-7. Doors 4 leads to security check, with access to security check and domestic gates F1-F7.
T2 Lounges are near the entrance of the D gates.
NOTE: T2 is currently undergoing expansion work to increase capacity to 19 million passengers a year.
    New International Terminal 3 Ultimate (T3U) - covering 370,000 sq.meters, able to handle over 25M passengers a year, and equipped with the latest technology - opened its first phase of operation in late July 2016, but  will continue remaining work until March 2017.  Garuda Airline will start serving T3U with domestic flights - later to add international flights, followed by other international airlines.
T3U will have 28 airline gates, and house two four-star hotels, duty-free and retail outlets, restaurants, meeting rooms, and a multi-level carpark.  It will feature a state-of-the-art baggage handling system and have eight check-in islands. T3U also has (or soon will have) its own parking and support facilities (hotels and flyover connected to the airport train).
 - Level 1 of T3U is the Departure Level, with (a) a total of 18 food & drink concessions (some temporry, come new & some to come soon;  (b) 5 current shops, with many to be added until early 2017; (c) prayer rooms, nursery rooms, shower facility, boarding lounge and access to boarding gates.
- Level 2 of T3U is the check-in level, which houses check-in rows  D, E & F, along with self-check-in kiosks & temporary ATM cash machines.  (Food & drink are available in both pre- & post-security areas.)  After check-in, passengers proceed to security check point.  Level 2 may still offer the temporary Excelso, Cold Stone, Startucks Coffee,but is to soon have 12 more food & drink concessions.  The Batic Keris, Periplus & Alfa Express are currenly the only stores available. 
- The Ground Level of T3U is the Arrivals Level - housing the baggage claim, Lost & Found, 3 banking facilities, a current bakery & QQ Kopitiam, and soon Solaria, Kentucky Fired, Starucks & Food Sulture.  A connector leads to the carpark.
- The Mezzanine Level of T3U
houses additional food & drink venues (Liberica, Warung Tekko & 3 Buns; aana food market.

Airport Lounges:  (As terminals are undergoing changes, some of the lounges may have already, or will soon, move.)
 - First-class & business lounges
are available at the Transit Lounge in the Departure area: (a) Jasa Angkasa Semeta (JAS) Lounge;  b) Garuda Indonesia lounge ( the most extensive services offered), available to GA's business class passengers, as well as GECC cardholder, and includes a meeting room, shower facilities, a quiet room and much more.
- at Terminal 2: Near D gates: Gold, Esplanade, Pura Indah & Premeir lounges; near E gates Citi, Emerald, & Garuda Business lounges; near F gates: Garuda Domestic Lounge.
 - Other lounges are supported by PT Indosat, PT Mandara Jasindo Sena, PT Telkomsel & PT XL Axiata.
 - Lounges requiring membership programs, but also accessible to non-members by purchasing a day-pass:
El John Executive Lounge at level 2 of T1B, post-security, domestic departure hall.
El John Lounge for Priority pass members is at post-security of T1C
Premier Lounge'at T2D, post-security, with showers.
Pura Indah First & Business-Class Lounge for Priority  Pass holders at T2D, post-security, with shower.
Mutiara Lounge for Priority Pass holders at T2E.
Batavia Lounge at T2D, post-security.

- After expansion work on T2 & T3 they are to be linked by a corridor, which includes a shopping area.
- T3 Ultimate
is to get a new baggage handling system and have eventually five concourses.
- An automated transportation system is to link terminals, shopping mall and hotel.
- A long runway is to be built.