Maui Kahului Airport Parking OGG

Maui Kahului Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you pick up a passenger at the Airport, use the free (up to 60 mins) cell phone waiting lot at Hemaloa Street, off Keolani Place. Stay in your car until your party has collected baggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Other parking options are available in the 1,437 space lot across from the passenger terminal.
Fees:  First 15 mins free; 16-30 mins $1; 31-60 mins $3; 1-2 hrs. $5; 2-3 hrs $7; 3-4 hrs $9; 4-5 hrs $13; and 5-6 hrs $15 (daily max).

Automatic ticket dispensers issue parking tickets at the entrance to each parking area. Have your ticket, cash or credit card ready and present the ticket to the cashier as you exit.
Parking designation row letters are posted to help you find your vehicle--take note of the designation letter to find your car when you return. Place your parking ticket in a safe place and not on your car's dashboard.
EV parking with EV license plate is in the main public parking lot and is currently free.

Monthly parking, based on calendar month, can be purchased for each month (no proration) starting on the 22nd of each month. (No checks are accepted, only major credit cards.

For more parking information call ABM Parking at 808-871-1747.

Maui Kahului ( OGG ) Airport Parking Map

Maui Kahului OGG airport parking map

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