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Kahului Airport has two passenger terminals serving inter-island & overseas flights. Both terminals have one consolidated security checkpoints in the center, connecting to both terminals.

The Overseas/ Main Terminal has two levels and curently serves :
    The ground level houses on one side the arrivals area with baggage claim carousels 1 - 5, & airline offices; the center has a Promenade, with a Garden and access to the gate area on level 2. Opposite thereof is the ticketing lobby with common-use check-in stations (for all airlines), conference room, airport offices, security offices, & Visitor Information.  (Lost & Found and the ID Office is next to the Promenade) the Main TSA checkpoint (adjacent o the Garden) allows for access to the gate areas on the upper level.
    The Upper Level  houses the Central building  with cocktail & restaurant, newsstand and escalators & stairs to the baggage claim area. Airline VIP Lounges, as well as holdrooms & gates, are on either side of its center:
- To the left: Holdroom A (gates 1,5,7 for Hawaiian & Delta) and Holdroom B (gates 9, 11,13,15 for Aloha);
- To the right: Holdroom C (gates 17,19,21 for Haiwaiian),  Holdroom D (gates 23,27), E (gates 29,33) and F (gates 35,39).  (Holdrooms D & E presently have no airline assignment.)
Airline Lounges: 
- the Hawaiian Airline VIP Lounge is in front of Holdroom C.

The Commuter Terminal serves inter-island flights - currently served by Mokulele Express & Pacific Wings.

The following projects have recently been completed:
Substantial improvements to existing ticket lobby, including new passenger check-in counter spaces with 24 computerized kiosks, new baggage claim carousels, and a new generator building.
Also: Improved runway safety areas, new employee parking area, upgrade of air-conditioning; replacement of 9 passengerloading bridges and escalaors; installation of new baggage screening equipment (Explosive Detection System)
Phase 1 of re-roofing passenger terminal; replacing & upgrading security access control and Closed Circuit TV Systems; improving apron pavement structures.