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Maui Kahului Airport ( OGG ) Terminal Map Information

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Kahului Airport has two passenger terminals serving inter-island & overseas flights. Both terminals have one consolidated security checkpoints in the center, connecting to both terminals.

The Commuter Terminal serves inter-island flights - currently served by Mokulele & Makani Kai airlines at gates 1 & 2.

The Overseas/ Main Terminal has two levels and curently serves :

    The ground level is the Arrivals Level housing on one side the arrivals area with baggage claim carousels 1 - 5 & airline offices; the Center houses a Promenade with a Garden and access after security check to the gate area on level 2. Opposite thereof is the ticketing lobby with common-use check-in stations (for all airlines), conference room, airport offices, security offices, & Visitor Information.  (Lost & Found and the ID Office is next to the Promenade) the Main TSA checkpoint (adjacent to the Garden) allows for access to the gate areas on the upper level.
    The Upper Level  houses the Central building with cocktail lounge & restaurant, newsstand and escalators & stairs to the baggage claim area. Airline VIP Lounges - with access to six separate lobbies and their respective gates:
 - West Gates 15,13,11,9;  7,5,1.
 - East gates 17,19,21;  23,27;  29,33;  35,39.

Airlines serving Kahului Airport, their telephone number, Terminal*, Check-in Lobby and gates.
Air Canada, tel. 888-247-2262, at Main T, Lobby 2, gates 1-39
Alaska, tel. 800-252-7522, at Main T, Lobby 3, gates 1-39
American, tel. 800-433-7200, at Main T, Lobby  7, gates 1-39
Delta, tel. 800-221-1212, at Main T, Lobby 6, gates 1-39
Hawaiian, tel. 800-367-5320, at Main T, Lobby 8, gates 1-39
Island Air, tel. 800-388-1105, at Main T, Lobby 4, 
Makani Kai Air, tel. 808-834-1111, at Commuter T, gates 1-2
Mokulele Air, tel. 866-260-7070, at Commuter T, gates 1-2
United, tel. 800-241-6522, at Main T, Lobbies 1 & 2, gates 1-39
Virgin America, tel. 877-359-8474, at Main T, Lobby 3, gates 1-39
WestJet, tel. 800-538-5696, at Main T, Lobby 3,gates 1-39 
 * Main T = Main Terminal

The following projects were recently completed: Substantial improvements to existing ticket lobby, including new passenger check-in counter spaces with 24 computerized kiosks, new baggage claim carousels, and a new generator building.
Also: Improved runway safety areas, new employee parking area, upgrade of air-conditioning; replacement of 9 passenger loading bridges and escalaors; installation of new baggage screening equipment (Explosive Detection System)
Phase 1 of re-roofing passenger terminal; replacing & upgrading security access control and Closed Circuit TV Systems; improving apron pavement structures.