KOA Airport - Kona at Keahole Airport ( Kailua Kona , HI )


Kona Onizuka International Airport KOA (the official airport name is now 'Ellison Onizuka Kona International') serves the island of Hawaii, also referred to as the 'Big Island' as it is the largest island of the Hawaiian Chain, and known for its active volcanoes, scenic coastline and great golf courses. It provides services to the U.S. mainland, to international destinations, and  serves interisland, commuter /air taxi and general aviation.

Kona's Onizuka Airport is located in the town of Keahole, on the Big Island's west side, about seven miles northwest of Kailua-Kona, and is accessible via the access roadway extending from Queen Kaahumanu Highway.

With a very long runway, and over 3 million passengers annually, Kona International Airport is served by a number of domestic and foreign airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

The passenger terminal complex at Onizuka International is currently divided into North & South Terminals - accessible via the Kupipi Street, a one-way loop enclosing public parking and rental car check-in facilities. In the center of the terminal complex is the Onizuka Memorial.

Present and future Airport developments:
 - The permanent Federal Inspection Service facility was completed, and international flights started late Dec. 2016.
 - In March 2017 groundbreaking took place on a $75 million modernization project, with the intent to reorganize current terminal layout to streamline operations. Upgrades are to be made on security sceening area*, holding rooms, concession area & restrooms. While presently North & South terminals operate independently and their transfer passengers will go through two security checks - after renovation passengers are able to move freely between terminals.  Also new shops and restaurants will be added.
* A 6-lane security screening checkpoint building is to expedite outbound passenger processing, reducing time spent in line.  

HAWAIIAN AIRORTS: (Note that the largest island in the Hawaiian Chain is the 'Hawaii Island' - better known as 'The Big Island'.)
  - listed by major islands, Airport Code, Airport (AP) name : 
Big /Hawaii: KOA = Kona AP on west side of  'Big' Hawaii Island, at Keahole - is the Big Island's major AP (the other is Hilo ITO.
Big /Hawaii: ITO - Hilo Int'l AP on eastern side of Big Island; near Hilo city  (Main AP is Kona)
Oahu Island: HNL Honolulu In'tl AP near the Honolulu city,  - with small Kalaeloa AP (east of HNL AP),
Oahu Island east of HNL is the small Kalealoa AP.
Maui Island:  OGG Kahului AP near Haleakala - 1 Keolani Pl. Kahului, HI 96732
Maui Island: LNY Lanai AP (3 miles from Lanai city ) and
Maui Island JHM Kapalua (5 miles from Lahaina.)
Kauai Island: LIH = Lihue AP near the town of Lihue
Molokai Island: Molokai AP
  - listed by Airport name, code & Island:
Kona AP KOA on west side of  'Big' Hawaii Island, at Keahole - is the Big Island's major AP
Hilo Int'l AP ITO on the Big Island is the secondary AP in,  on eastern side of Big Island; (Main AP is Kona)
Honolulu In'tl AP HNL on Oahu Island is  near the Honolulu city
Kalaeloa AP on Oahu Island (is a small AP east of HNL AP),
Lanai AP LNY - 3 miles from Lanai city, on Maui Island
Kapalua AP JHM - 5 miles from Lahaina, on Maui Island
Lihue AP LIH - near the town of Lihue on Kauai Island:
Molokai AP

73-20 Kupipi Steet
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
Website: http://airports.hawaii.gov/koa/
Contact: airhawaii@hawaii.gov
Phone: (808) 327 9520