Kona at Keahole ( KOA ) Airport Terminal Map

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Kona at Keahole Airport ( KOA ) Terminal Map Information

Kona at Keahole KOA Terminal Map


Kona Onizuka International Airport's current terminal complex consists of Terminals and Lobbies 1, 2 & 3 (T3 at west end is the Commuter terminal)Terminals 1 & 2 east of T3 are close together - each one has access to the parking facilities. T1 & T2 have both an arrivals area with Information counter, ATM, baggage claim, customs,  flower stands, Lost/Found, and outside transportation.  After gift shop & newsstand, security check and access to gates.
NOTE: International arrivals
 will arrive at the new Federal Inspection Service facility.

Terminal 1 (to the right of T2) with gates 1-5 houses at its entrance the ticketing and check-in lobby - divided in the center by the Onizuka Space Center with check-in facilities for United & American at east; Hawaiian, Alaska & Delta at west, and WestJet in the center.  Both sides have their own security checkpoint, leading to the boarding area with information counter, and services amenities. The Arrivals area houses Custms, baggage claim, Hotel & Information desks. Shops & restaurants are mainly in the secured area.
   Terminal 2 (to the left of T1) has at its entrance the ticketing and check-in lobby, followed by an Information desk and the baggage claim, with a hotel desk, gift shop & restaurant, followed by security check, Hawaiian Airlines Lounge and gates 6 to 10.
Note: a FedEx shipping center is dividing T1/T2 with T3.

   Commuter Terminal 3 (a separate terminal west of T2) uses parking facilities of T1/T2.  

* Note:  The terminal modernization project started in March 2017, which is to link North & South Terminals.  A planned centralized 6-lane passenger screening checkpoint is to reduce screening time.  A new in-line baggage handling system with explosive detection capability will be added, while the screening area is to offer a new baggage make-up facility on the ramp level.  North & South holdrooms will be connected, and the Onizuka space center relocated.