London Heathrow Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Listed below are Parking Options and Fees for Short-Stay, Long-Stay, Business & Valet Parking, and General Parking Information

Dropping Off/Picking Up Passengers: There are set-down lanes outside the terminals. You may unload on the terminal forecourt but waiting is not permitted. Police and airport staff patrol the forecourts and will ask waiting vehicles to move on. Picking up passengers: You must use the Short Stay Car Park. Waiting is not permitted on the terminal forecourt. Unattended cars outside the terminal will be swiftly removed by the police, a parking ticket will be issued, and a fee for recovery added. If the vehicle is not claimed on the day it is removed there will be a further charge for each day's storage.

1. Short-Stay Parking - located next to each of the five terminals - best for stays of up to five hours. Parking facilities are frequently patrolled, well lit with CCTV in operation, and operated by NCP (Terminal 1, 2, 3, 5) and Apcoa (Terminal 4). For passengers using Heathrow Terminal 5, short-stay parking can be pre-booked. There are special rates for pre-booking at Short-Stay Car Park 5 only. Available from 4pm on Fridays to 10am on Mondays, and must include a Saturday night. If you prefer to park for more than 3 days in the short-stay car park at Terminals 1 through 4, inquire about the Short-Stay Special suitable for you. Fees:
First 30 minutes - �2.40; 30 minutes to 1 hour - �4.10; 1 hour to 1.5 hours - �6.10
1.5 hours to 2 hours - �7.70; 2 to 3 hours - �10.60; 3 to 4 hours - �13.90
4 to 5 hours - �17.10; 5 tp 6 hours - �21.10; 6 to 9 hours - �30.60
9 to 12 hours - �39.60; 12 to 18 hours - �43.20; 18 to 24 hours - �45.20
24 to 36 hours - �71.10; 36 to 48 hours - �90.40; Over 48 hours - �45.20 per 24 hours or part thereof
Weekend stays (4pm Friday to 10am Monday) is available at �45 for customers who stay over a Saturday night and pre-book.

2. Long-Stay Parking - suitable for more than an overnight stay. "Parking Express Heathrow" is the official Heathrow Long Stay Car Park, serving Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4. The new Long-Stay Car Park is for Terminal 5 passengers. Free Shuttle service runs every 10 mins to Terminals 1, 2 & 3, taking 8-15 mins; every 2 mins to Terminal 4, taking 8 mins; and every 10 mins to Terminal 5, taking 10 mins. Drive-up Fees (if you don't pre-book):
One to four days: �15.70/day
Five days and over: �15.10/day (for all days)

3. Business Parking: Suitable for travelers parking for a number of days. Security measures include 24-hour car park attendants, frequent patrols, security fencing and comprehensive CCTV. A courtesy coach runs on demand & takes you to Terminal 1 from Park1 in three mins. Parks 1 to 3 serve Terminals 1 to 3. Pre-book a space at the Business Parking Terminals 1, 2 and 3 or turn up at the car park on day of departure. Park 4 & 5 serve Terminals 4 and 5. Drive-up Fees (if you don't pre-book):
Terminals 1-3: 1-13 days - �21.50/day or part thereof; 14 to 28 days - �301; Day 29 and each following day - �21.50
Terminal 4: 1-13 days - �21/day or part thereof; 14 to 28 days - �294; Day 29 and each following day - �21

Terminal 5: Pre-book only. 4. Valet Parking is available at all terminals. Heathrow Valet Parking is suitable for all travelers looking for a quick and convenient airport parking service. A staff member will meet you at the designated drop-off points on the terminal forecourts. During your absence your car with be parked in a BAA-approved secure car park. Upon your return, you simply collect your car at the curb ("forecourt").
You can also choose the available two star professional hand car wash and interior valet service.
Heathrow Valet Car Parking can be pre-booked or you can simply turn up o your day of departure and drive to the drop-off point. The Heathrow Valet Parking reception points are open from 5:30am-10pm.

British Airways Valet Parking:
Available at Terminal's 1, 4 and 5. Simply drive to the designated bays by the reception, located outside the terminal, and your car will be parked for you. For further information on British Airways Valet Parking or to book, call 0871 200 0067. Reception is open from 5am-9:30pm.

General Parking Information:

Height Restrictions: All the Short Stay car parks have a general height limit of 2 meters (6ft 9in). At Terminals 1, 2 or 3 - park vehicles of up to 2.4 meters (8ft) height on the ground floor of Car Park 3. At Terminal 4 - park vehicles of over 2 meters height at Business Parking T4, where you will be charged the Short- Stay fee for stays of up to six hours. Normal fees apply thereafter. You must validate your ticket at the Customer Service building prior to departure. At Terminal 5 - use the Over-height Vehicles entrance on the ground floor of Car Park 5.

Directions to Long-Stay and Business Parking:
The Long Stay Car Park for Terminal 4 is on the Eastern Perimeter Road, and is easily accessible from all main routes into the airport. If you are using a satellite navigation system the postcode is TW6 2SB. For Terminal 5, the Long Stay Car Park is on the Northern Perimeter Road adjacent to Business Parking (Terminals 1 to3).
Business Parking is located on the Northern Perimeter Road, easily accessible and well signposted on all major routes into the airport. For satellite navigation system use postcode is TW6 2RL.

Gas Stations: Two BP stations: one in center of airport, close to Terminals 1, 2 & 3; the other at Hatton Cross, Great West Road (A30). One Esso station: on Southern Perimeter Road.

BAA Advance is responsible for all Parking facilities at Heathrow Airport. If you have any questions or difficulties, call 0870 850 2825--from outside the UK: +44 121 410 5228; Fax: 0121 410 5037--from outside the UK: +44 121 410 5037; Email: [email protected]
Address: BAA Advance, Teleperformance House, 1 Duchess Place, Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 8NH
Hours of operation: Mo-Fri 8am-10pm; Sat/Sun 8am-8pm

London Heathrow ( LHR ) Airport Parking Map

London Heathrow LHR airport parking map

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