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London Heathrow Airport ( LHR ) Terminal Map Information

London Heathrow LHR Terminal Map LHR Terminal 1 LHR Terminal 2 LHR Terminal 3 LHR Terminal 4 LHR Terminal 5


London Heathrow International Airport: Check-in information, Passenger Terminal Layout, Getting Around (Transfer between international flights & International Arrivals Procedure); TERMINAL DETAILS, & Connecting from a Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man Flight to an International Flight at either Terminals 2 or 5:  

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that you check your flight status before heading to the Airport. Arrive at the Airport for international flights 2 hours - for domestic flights 1 hour, prior to scheduled flight deaprture!
Check-in  locations, self-service, online & time
 - Check-in locations at:  T2: level 5;  T3 - ground level; T4: first level; and T5: top level - use any one of the self-service check-in kiosks or staffed check-in desks.
- Check-in zones are listed on the Airport's  'Check-in information' screens (marked by illuminated yellow cubes). 
- Online check-in is available from most of the major international airlines:
- Check-in time prior to scheduled flight: 3 hours for long-haul flights; 2 hour for European flights; 90 minutes for UK & Ireland flights.
- When checking in at the kiosk, print & attach baggage tags to your bags; then drop them off on the 'self-service bag drop'.
- Delta & Virgin Atlantic operate from Terminal 3 for all of their U.S & Canada-bound flights.

The passenger terminal complex at London Heathrow International now consists of four operational  passenger terminals - T2, T3, T4 & T5 (T5: main terminal 5A & satellites 5B & 5C).  While T2,T3,T5 are located North of the runway - T4 is located South of the runway.  Both T3 & T2 can be reached from Bath Road A4, exit J4a, via a tunnel.  T4 is south of T2, off Great SW Road A30;  T5 is west of T3, off motorway A3044 - also accessible from M25, exit J14.
 - All terminals are served by the free trains (Underground, Heathrow Express & Heathrow Connect, and by buses & coaches. 
 - Free WiFi for the first 4 hours is offered throughout the terminals (network name: _heathrow Wi-Fi). 
 - Digital overhead screens guide passengers (at check-in area the display indicates Departures, Security South, and compares security check activities & North & South checkpoints, so passengers can opt for the shorter line).
 - Customer service with a smile is offered by the trained blue-suited 'Heathrow Helpers'' - at hand to provide information and support to travelers.
NOTE:  Work is proceeding on a system of tunnels underneath the Airport - linking T5 to the other terminals & integrating the baggage system for baggage transfer of all terminals underground. Bags will be tracked along their journey, expediting their transfer.

Getting Around at LHR
Transfer time connecting between two international flights - from landing at Heathrow, taking a transfer bus, going through hand baggage check, security check, airline check-in desk -until arriving at the departure lounge - the average transfer time from terminal to terminal is as follows: 
- Terminal 2 - transfer within T2 is 1 hr; transfer to T3 is 90 mins.
- Terminal 3 - transfer within T3 is 60 mins; to T1 75 mins;  to T4 90 min.;  to T5 120 mins. 
- Terminal 4 - transfer within T4 is 45 mins;  to T3 90 mins; to T5 120 mins. 
- Terminal 5 - transfer within T5 is 45 mins; to either T3, or T4 - 120 mins.
   International arrivals procedure: After passport inspection, non-UK residents proceed to baggage claim, pick up bags & go through customs & re-check-in bags.  If you are a non-UK resident & have goods to declare to Customs, use the nearby telephone located prior to security to contact a staff member. 


Terminal 2 - 'The Queen's Terminal' - with its 522-meter satellite pier 2B opened June 2014 its first phase of construction - able to handle up to 20M passengers annually (the currently ongoing second phase of construction is to be completed by 2019). 
T2 has outside a Central bus station for city connections, serving both T2 & T3, and its own short-stay carpark  (T2's post code is TW6 1EW). 
    Level 5 of T2 is the Check-in Level : and houses four check-in zones A through D - each zone is assigned specific airlines. (Zones A, B, & D also have separate Premium check-ins).
- The East entrance houses to the left Information counter, meeting point, seating and repack area, to the right  ticket desks 13 & 14 - serving Zones D & C.
- the West entrance houses to the right Information counter, meeting point, seating & repack area; to the left ticket desk 16 - serving Zones B & A.
    Zone A, check-in desk 16:  Air Canada, Air China, EVA Air, Singapore, Thai, Turkish.
    Zone B, check-in desk 15:  Aer Lingus, Austrian, Brussels, Croatia, LOT, Lufthansa & Swiss International.
    Zone C, check-in desk 14:  Air New Zealand, Aegean, ANA, Asiana, SAS Scandinavian, South African & TAP Portugal
    Zone D, check-in desk 13: Avianca, Egypt, Ethiopian & United.
After check-in, passengers go through security check and proceed to the Departure Lounge (surrounded by shops & restaurants), with access to boarding A with A gates on level 4 and to Satellite 2B  with B gates; with access to T1's Departures, and to Lounges A3, B1 & B3.  Aside from food & drink, shops & Travelex, services include 3 airline lounges: A1 for Lufthansa Senator; A2 for Air Lingus Gold Circle & A3 for Plaza Premium guests.  
The new 'FlyFit' wellness & fitness studio (www.flyfitglobal.com) provides at post-security rental workout clothing, showers and healthy food options.
   Level 4 of T2 is the gate level housing A gates A1-A26. This level offers a cafe in the center, World duty-free, Boots, WHSmith and access to airline lounges:  A3 is the Plaza Pemium lounge, to the left of the Information counter; B1 is the Arrivals lounge, United Global & First Lounge - near gate B46;  B2 Singapore and SilverKris lounges are near gate B44; and B3 Air Canada Maple Leave Lounge near gate B44.
     Satellite 2B with B gates B30-B49 & lounges B1,B2,B3 houses Caffe Nero, Boots, WHSmith & World Durty-free, and lounges B1 /Arrivals Lounge; B2 /Air Canada,Singapore & SilverKris lounges.; B3 /Air Canada & Maple Leaf Lounges
   Level 1 of T2 is the Arrivals level - after passport control there are 10 regular and 3 outsize baggage beltsbelt; leading to the customs clearance and World duty-free, into the public area with information desks, currency exchange, rental car counters, and to terminal exit, with access to parking, buses, taxis, trains to London & T4 & T5, and to transfer flights to T3.  The meeting point is in the center between the entrance doors. Lounge B1 is the Arrivals lounge.
   The Ground level of T2 is the Arrivals level for onward travelers -
offering access to the Underground, Central Bus Station, Terminal 3 and trains to London & Terminals 4 & 5.
   NEW:  Digital smart screens for real-time updates on price & availability of transport  options into London were installed at baggage carousels. Screens feature the language of the arriving flight. 
Time needed for Flight Connections:  On arrival at Heathrow, follow Flight Connection signs.  If connecting flights within Terminal 2, you would need about one hour. If connecting to T3 you need 90 minutes. However, if you don't need to take Flight Connection route,  you get to to T3 by underground walkway (10 mins), and to T4 & T5 by the Heathrow Express transfer bus in the central Heathrow station for T2 & T3. All routes are signposted.
T2 Airline & Airport Lounges:
- The new Plaza Premium Lounges (
luxury pay-in lounges) at both Arrivals (pre-security)  & Departures (post-security at gate A3).
- Lufthansa's connected Senator & Business Lounges at gate A1.
- United Global First lounge is near gate B46.
- SilverKris and Singapore lounges are in Lounge B2, near gate B44; 
- Plaza Premium and Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges are in Lounge B3, near gate B44.

Terminal 3 of Heathrow has two levels:  NOTE:  Delta & Virgin Atlantic airlines use T3 for all of their U.S & Canada-bound flights.
    Ground Level /Check-in of T3  connects by escalators down to sub-level for the Heathrow Express train (stopping at T4). Change at Heathrow Central to 'Connect' trains, the Underground and Central Bus Station.
Near the check-in entrances are Travelex currency exchange & VAT refunds.  Behind them are the check-in facilities - divided by check-in Zones A through H (Zone E is in the center).  After checking in - Zones C/D & E, F, G lead by separate escalators up to food, drink & shops, with two security checkpoints and nearby access to the Virgin Upper Class Wing - while escalators at Zones B & A, and stairs/elevators opposite Zones C & E lead straight to Departures.
   Level 1 (Departures at pre-security) of T3 houses some shops, cafe, currency exchange, with access to Lounges (American & Virgin Atlantic) at right end. After security check, you enter the Departure Lounge:
   Level 1 (The Departure Lounge at post-security) offers a wide selection of food, drink, shops & duty-free concessions, airline service desks, currency exchange, VAT refunds, ATM cash machines, and Information counter, multi-faith prayer room, pharmacy, family lounge & play area mailbox, as well as access to departures gates and Lounges.
 - Gates 1-11, a 10-minute walk, with Cafe Nero, & Lounges B,C,D,E: with Aspire (D), Emirates (E) & Cathay Pacific (C) lounges.
 - Gates 13-22, a 20-minute walk; with Lounges F & H:  Admirals Club (H), British Airways (H), No.1 Lounge Delta Gold (F), Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Delta One Diamond Medalion & Platinum (H) and Family lounge (A).
 - Gates 23-29 (including gates 24a through 24e), a 10-minute walk. 
 - Gates 30-42, a 20-minute walk, with Cafe Nero.
    Ground Level /Arrivals houses baggage claim carousels 1 - 11, as well an information counter (with meeting point next to it), banking facilities, DutyFree, and Customs in the secured area, with a few services in the unsecured area; and access to the Underground, Central Bus Station, and trains to London & to Terminals 4 & 5.  NOTE: digital smart screens at baggage caroussels for real-time updates on price & availability of transport options into London feature the language of the arriving flight. 
- The new Delta Arrivals Lounge offers shower rooms, free WiFi, business center, food & drink, & butler services.
- The new American Airlines Arrivals Lounge for premium passengers is a calm oasis, offering 29 spa-like shower rooms, express clothes-pressing service, a business center & meeting room, and fresh and healthy food (dietary requirements are met).

Terminal 4 of  Heathrow - recently upgraded - is located to the south of the southern runway, next to the cargo terminal - connected to T1 & T3 (and later to the new T2).  Its International Departure lounge with over 800 LED lights mimics natural changes in daylight and creates great ambiance. 
   Level 2 /Check-in level with mezzanine: Level 2 has near the two center entrances 2 cafes, baggage wrap, the Excess Baggage Co. & W.H. Smith, along with currency exchange. Check-in Zones A - H are divided into: Zones A  - D (left), and Zones E - H (right). Near Zones D & E are the oversize baggage areas, while near Zone G is the walkway to the Hilton Hotel).  Services include the airline desks, currency exchange (Travelex & Moneycorp), ATM cash machine, and a repack area.  From the escalators near Zone F is access to the Mezzanine, with internet facility & the Yotel.  Between Zones D & E is the common Security check, leading to the Departures Lounge.
   Level 2 /Departures Lounge:
Right after Customs are two information points, each with ATM cash machines and currency exchange.
- To the right are more information points, various concessions, and gates 10 & 11;  with access near gate 11 to gates 12-17, a 5-minute walk, and near gate 21 access to gates 22-25 (a 15-minute walk). Stairs & elevator near World Duty free lead down to the Etihad lounge near .
- To the left are various concessions, information point, seating areas, escalator down to smoking area & airline desks; and escalator/ elevator up to Air India & Malaysia Airlines lounges.
- The new Plaza Premium Lounge opened in April 2017, inended for common-use at a fee.  it can accommodate up to 75 passengers, has 25 showers, a bar area, lounge seating & the latest dining concept Flight Club.  
   The Baggage Claim level houses carousels 1A - 8, with an information counter and customs in the center & World dutyfree, leading to the Arrivals public area, which houses Costa & WHSmith, Information counter; rental car desks, banking facilities, and offers outside onward travel choices. and access to Valet & short-stay parking.
Airline lounges at T4: Air India (reached from gates 1b/1a);  Etihad (near Apostophy (elevator down); Falcon Gold Gulf Air (near Pret A Manger); Malysa Airlines (near Pret A Manger, take escalator up); Qatar Airways Premium (near entrance to gates 11-20); and  Skyteam (near World Duty Free). The luxury Plaza Premium Lounge (a pay-in lounge) is available to all passengers.

Terminal 5 of  Heathrow - closest to motorway A3044 -features glass walls & roof, has four levels and houses 60 aircraft stand. T5 serves British Airways & Iberia only and is used by British Airways as their global hub. T5 is located at the western edge of the Airport, between the two runways.  T5 also has its own multi-story carpark, and the long-stay car park for business passengers is linked to the terminal by a personal rapid transit system. 
T5 consists of a Main Terminal witth A gates, connecting in turn to separate buildings housing 5B & 5C gates -linked by underground people movers (TTS).

    Level 3 /Check-in of T5 is divided into Zones A - J (west to east) - with Zone E in the center and separate security checks between Zones B-C & G-J, leading to departures. In the Center is WHSmith, information counters, World dutyfree, and access to British Airways SkyFlyers Solo, banking facilities, VAT reund, check-in counters & self-check-in machines, multi-faith prayer room & pharmacy.
    Level 2 /Departures of T5 has access to A gates A1-23 (10 mins) with transit to: B gates* (15 mins) & C gates* (20 mins). This level houses some food, drink & retail concessions, banking & VAT facilities, Information counter, and Airline lounges of British Airways Galleries Lounges North & South and its York & Lancaster rooms next to gate A4, & British Airways Customer Services. The new pay-in Aspire Lounge & Spa (accessible to Priority Pass members and all paying passengers) is near Gate 18.
- * 'Terminal' 5B gates B32 - B48 are accessible by elevator from World Duty-free (opposite of gate A12 ).
- * 'Terminal' 5C gates C52-C66 are accessible by elevator from  World Duty-Free in the center. It houses information desk, a multi-faith prayer room, pharmacy, ATM & British Airways customer service.
    Ground Level / Arrivals houses in the secured area baggage claim carousels 1 - 11, World Duty-Free and some other services. The public area includes the British Airways Arrivals lounge, hotel reservation center, banking facilities, Airport Information desk, ticket sales for transportation, & lost & Found (west end).
    Ground Level /Arrivals (onward travel) - Arriving passengers will find Information desks and escalators/ elevators down to the Heathrow Express for Terminal 4 change at Heathrow Central, as well as connecting trains (the Underground, Trains to London and to Terminals 4 & 5, and the Central Bus Station. This level  houses the British Airways Arrivals lounge, banking facilities, rental car desks, lost property, meeting point, special assistance, tourist information and British Hotel reservation center. Outside of it are bus stops 1 - 31 for various means of transportation,  and 4 access points for parking structure P T5).  The taxi stand is in the center.
   T5 now has digital smart screens for real-time updates on price & availability of transport  options into London  (installed at baggage carousels). Screens will feature the language of the arriving flight. 

Connecting from a Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man Flight to an International Flight at either Terminals 1 or 5:
Connecting within Terminal 1: Arrivals & Departures are both on the first floor, with a short walk between them. Check-in zones A through K are clearly marked by illuminated yellow cubes. The Information screen near the entrances will sow you which zone you need. After check-in pass through security control as early as possible to get to the departure lounge & gates.
  - Connecting from Terminal 1 to other terminals: For transfer options see ‘Transportation between Terminals’ above. Upon arrival follow signs for ‘Arrivals’ and pick up your baggage and take it to thee in arrivals concourse. Choose your transportation to your departure terminal, follow signs to ‘Departures’ and proceed to the checkin area. After checking in you need to get through the security checkpoint as soon as possible to get to the departure lounge & gates.
  - Connecting within Terminal 5: Follow signs for Arrivals on the ground level, pick up your luggage and proceed via a short walk & escalator or elevator  to Departures, where you check in for your next flight. Go through security checkpoint as soon as possible to get to the departure lounge and gates.
  - Connecting from Terminal 5 to other terminals: Upon arrival, look for signs for your flight connection (a person with two planes), free buses with take you to your departure terminal. Once you are at your destination terminal your hand baggage will be check and  must conform to EU & Uk regulations. Proceed then through security checkpoint; all non-UK residents who have goods to declare need to call a staff member prior to passing security check. Airline ticket counters are past security. When you arrive at the departure lounge, check the screens for your flight.