Long Island MacArthur Airport Parking ISP

Long Island MacArthur Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you pick up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Waiting Area, located within the 'Resident Lot 6B'(exit circle road, at right unto 10th Street).  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the Terminal's curb.

Other parking options at McArthur Airport:   (Fees may change any day)

    Short-term /Hourly parking is across from the passenger terminal.
Fees: first 30 mins $1.75; each hour $3.50, up to daily max $25.
    Long-term //Daily parking is behind the Short-term lot (exit Arrival Avenue at left).
Fees: each hour $4, up to daily max $15.50. 
    The Economy Lot (exit Arrival Avenue at right) offers free shuttle service to/from the passenger terminal, starting 4:30am and runs every 15-30 mins up to one hour after final flight landing.
Fees: each hour $4, up to daily max $14.

There are also three 'Resident Lots',  Lots 6, 6A & 6B off 10th Street, and Lot 6  west of terminal, near rental car returns. (Resident parking permit is required).

Long Island MacArthur ( ISP ) Airport Parking Map

Long Island MacArthur ISP airport parking map

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