Manchester Boston Regional Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

MHT offers four parking options plus Cell Phone area.There are Parking Garage, Long Term lot, Hourly lot and rental car facilityclose to the main terminal.

Lot A - The Hourly lot is situated rightacross the terminal. It is the closest outdoor parking lot to the Terminal. Lotincludes few electric vehicle charging stations.

Half hour                                                        $2

Daily Max                                                       $24.00

Maximum vehicle height of 6’9″


The Parking Garage –Hourly, Daily and Weekly Parking is situated right behind the Hourly lot, it is a coveredfive-story building, just two minutes’ walk time from the Terminal.

Half Hour                                                        $2

Daily Max                                                       $15

Weekly Max                                                    $85

Maximum vehicle height is 8’0″


Lot C & Lot D - LongTerm Parkinghas two outdoor lots: north (Lot C) and north-west (Lot D) of the terminal.Airport offers free shuttle bus services, that drive between Long Term parkinglots and main terminal.

Half Hour                                                        $2

Daily Max                                                       $10.00


Cell Phone Lot This waiting area islimited to drivers who are picking up passengers within one hour of theirscheduled flight. Vehicles may not be left unattended. No Charge

Shuttle bus is available 24/7. Cell Phone area is free topark for 1 hour. Drivers can wait for the arrival passengers in here, but theycannot leave the car. All unattended vehicles will be towed away with furtherexpenses. The following services are available for the customers absolutely forfree: jump start, tire inflation and snow brushers.


Manchester Boston Regional ( MHT ) Airport Parking Map

Manchester Boston Regional MHT airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Manchester Boston Regional Airport ( MHT )