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The Passenger Terminal at Memphis International has three Concourses - however the Airport refers to them as 'Terminals A, B & C').  The Main terminal houses on the ground level the baggage claim areas A, B & C (A for Southwest, B for Delta & Allegiant, C for American, Frontier, GLO, United & OneJet) and on the upper level ticketing and access to Concourse A (right), Concourse (left), and the Y-shaped Concourse B (center, south). Free WiFi access is available throughout the terminal. A new Military lounge with private nursing room has is now available.
Seaport Airlines passengers board & disembark their aircraft through Signature Flight Support's fixed base.

   Terminal/ Conourse A serves  Southwest with gates A21-33 (after security check is gate A23; gate 33 is at the right end, and near gate A13 at left is an escalator to gates A1-12.
   Terminal/ Concourse B - serves Allegiant & Delta with gates B1-44. (after security check, straight onwards are gates B1-B8; thereafer is an area offering ATMs, Starbucks and some stores. This area parts Concourse B into an east and west concourse: east gates B27-B44; west gates B9-B26.
  International arrivals use gates B42-43). Passengers need to pass through the TSA security checkpoint after clearing customs near gate B35 (as customs hall exits into the concourse instead of the main lobby). 
  Concourse B is being widened for more open pathways, moving sidewalks and larger windows for more natrual light - the project will be ongoing for quite some time - see 'NOTE' below.
   Terminal/ Concourse C serves Air Canada, American & United - with gates C1-22.

Getting around:
 - International Arrivals: Concourse B's  international arrivals gates are B42/43. Thereafter, passengers need to go through passport control, collect bags from the carousel* and take them to Customs for inspection before leaving the terminal. If connecting to another flight, your bags will be transferred to your final destination; however, before you continue to your connecting gate, you need to go through security check. 
 - Moving walkways connect both Concourses A & C to the Main Terminal. 
Seaport Airlines passengers (tel. 888-573-2767) with a connecting flight will be shuttled between the Signature Flight Support fixed base facility at 2988 Winchester Road and the passenger terminal. After exiting Seaport flight, collect your bags & re-check them in in the Main Terminal for connecting flight.
 - OneJet passengers ((tel. 844-663-5381) should retrieve checked bags when exiting their flight & recheck them at the Terminal if connecting to another flight.
 - Rental Car counters are in the ground transportation center. If arriving at Concourse B, proceed to lower level; use pedestrian plaza to reach the counters.

NOTE:  Over the next 4-7 years, Memphis Airport is to completely overhaul the Terminal in phases with one consolidated Concourse - the preparatory phase of which included the removal of south ends of both Concourses A & C, so as to extend apron size around current Concourse B - which is to house all airlines, along with concessions for food, drink & retail. Work is to begin soon, with tentative completion by 2020 -  resulting in widened corridors, larger boarding areas, moving walkways, higher ceilings and more windows for more daylight. Upon completion, the three current concourses will be closed - to reopen upon future need.