Montreal Trudeau Airport Parking YUL

Montreal Trudeau Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Drop-off/Pick-up - you can stop your vehicle in front of the terminal onthe departures or arrivals level but you may not park there. If you intend toenter the terminal, please park your vehicle in one of the terminal parkinglots and then proceed to the public arrivals hall. 

Parking Options and Fees: All feesquoted are in Canadian dollars; taxes included). Fees are subject to change.
Short-term parking: located 3mins walking from the terminal, 24/7 services. Fees:

20mins                                                                                    $7

24hours                                                                                  $39

1. Valet Parc - the closest to theterminal. Get 250 Aeroplan* miles every time you use this service. Fees:  
Each day - $42

2. Proxi Parc - Located close to theterminal at ground level, parking on three levels. Clearance: 2.1 meters. Fees:
20mins                                                                                     $6

24 hours                                                                                  $30

3. Express Parc - Located close theterminal at ground level and perfect to welcome or drop off passengers. Fees:
Daily Max                                                                                 $21.95

Weekly                                                                                     $129.95

4. Econo Parc - Perfect for longstays - use Aeroplan*: special offer in November and December: earn anadditional 250 Aeroplan Miles when using the EconoParc parking (48 hoursminimum stay). Free shuttle service to/from Terminal. Fees:

Econo Parc P5
20mins                                                                                     $6

24 hours                                                                                  $25                 
Weekly                                                                                     $150

EconoParc P9

24hours                                                                                  $18

Weekly                                                                                    $110


5. Aero Parc

24hours                                                                                  $20

Weekly                                                                                     $120


*AEROPLAN: Take off with 250 Aeroplan Miles whenyou use the EconoParc (24-hour stay minimum) or Valet Parking. To takeadvantage of the above mentioned offer:
1. When accessing the EconoParc parking area,simply insert your Aeroplan Card into the automated card reader located at theEconoParc entry gate;
2. Upon departure of the EconoParc parking area,insert your Aeroplan card to obtain the Miles and insert your credit card tocomplete the transaction.
Important: Note that if you insert your creditcard prior to inserting your card into the automated card reader to access theEconoParc parking area, the offer will not be available to you. Should you wishto pay cash at any of the airport
s automated payment cashier, the automated payment cashierwill ask you to insert your Aeroplan Card to calculate the applicable bonus.

Payment Methods:

1. By Credit Card: An automated payment systemenables you to pay parking fees easily and quickly at the airport. AmericanExpress, Diners Club/enRoute, Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted. 
(a) When accessing the parking, insert youcredit card in the entry gate. It will give you access to the parking area. Noticket will be delivered.
(b) Upon departure, insert the same credit cardin the automated exit gate. A ticket will be delivered.
Important : In order to obtain the bonus milesor discout from Aeroplan or CAA-Quebec, you must first insert your membershipcard upon entering and exiting of the parking area. Please note that if youinsert your credit card prior to inserting your program membership card toaccess the parking area, you will not be eligible to receive the bonus miles ordiscount.

2. Payment in Cash:
Should you wish to make your payment at any ofthe automated pay stations, be sure to take a ticket at the entrancegate. 
(a) Upon your return,insert your ticket stubinto the automated pay station and complete payment by cash or credit card. Avalid exit ticket will be issued. (b) Upon exiting the parking area, insertyour exit ticket at the exit gate. That ticket will be your receipt.

Disabled Parking: Designated spacesare available: (a) Short-term: 3 spaces at the domestic flight zone (2 to theleft, 1 to the right); and 6 spaces at the international flight zone (3 infront, 1 to the left, 2 to the right); (b) Multi-Level: Levels 1 and 2 - 8spaces at the domestic flight zone and 8 spaces at the international flightzone. For customers in need of weekly parking, A
roports de Montral offers theMulti-level lot at the weekly rate of the EconoParc.
Upon receiving one of the above receipts, theAirport will reimburse the difference between the cost of the parking used andthe EconoParc parking rate.


Montreal Trudeau ( YUL ) Airport Parking Map

Montreal Trudeau YUL airport parking map

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