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Your Guide to Airlines Serving Montreal Trudeau Airport

Montreal Trudeau Airport (YUL), also known as YUL, plays a pivotal role in connecting Canada to the rest of the world. The airport is a hub for a diverse array of carriers, providing travelers with a multitude of destination options and flight services. Among the leading airlines operating here are Air Canada, WestJet, and Delta Air Lines.

Air Canada

Air Canada stands as the nation's largest airline and its flag carrier, with its operations at the airport offering regular services to over 60 destinations globally, including in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. Travelers can enjoy nonstop flights to sought-after cities like New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. Additionally, Air Canada provides an enhanced travel experience with options for premium seating and access to Maple Leaf Lounges for eligible passengers, ensuring a comfortable journey from start to finish.


As a leading Canadian low-cost carrier, WestJet facilitates daily connections from the airport to more than 30 destinations across North America and the Caribbean. It boasts nonstop services to key locations such as Calgary, Toronto, and Cancun. For travelers looking for budget-friendly options without compromising on comfort, WestJet offers an array of choices, including economy and premium cabins, as well as a rewards program that rewards frequent flyers with benefits and savings on future travels.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, a major player in the American aviation industry, maintains a significant presence at YUL, flying to over 50 destinations across the United States and Europe. It provides direct flights to well-known cities including New York, Atlanta, and Paris. Delta is renowned for its customer service, offering various cabin classes ranging from basic economy to Delta One for long-haul flights, alongside a comprehensive frequent flyer program, Delta SkyMiles, which enhances the travel experience for its members.

Other Airlines

In addition to Air Canada, WestJet, and Delta Air Lines, Montreal Trudeau Airport is served by several other prominent airlines, offering passengers a wide range of destinations and quality services. Some of these include:

  • Air France: Provides direct flights to Paris, France, and offers connections to numerous destinations worldwide, known for its exceptional service and comfort.
  • British Airways: Connects Montreal to London, UK, with its renowned service, offering passengers a comfortable journey with various cabin class options.
  • Emirates: Offers long-haul flights to Dubai and beyond, known for its luxury services, including private suites and shower spas in First Class.
  • Qatar Airways: Connects passengers to Doha and an extensive network of destinations across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, recognized for its award-winning service.

It's important to note that the information provided here is subject to change. For the most current details, including specific airlines' terminal locations, please refer to the complete list of airlines served by the airport:

Last updated:

AlitaliaMain Terminal
Lot Polish AirlinesMain Terminal
Tunis Air AirlinesMain Terminal
Air FranceMain Terminal
Porter AirlinesMain Terminal
Croatia AirlinesMain Terminal
Condor Flugdienst AirlinesMain Terminal
Royal Jordanian AirlinesMain Terminal
Jet Airways (India) AirlinesMain Terminal
Air China AirlinesMain Terminal
Delta AirlinesMain Terminal
EVA AirMain Terminal
Singapore AirlinesMain Terminal
ANA AirlinesMain Terminal
COPA AirlinesMain Terminal
British AirwaysMain Terminal
Thai AirwaysMain Terminal
Swiss International Air LinesMain Terminal
Aegean AirlinesMain Terminal
Corsair AirlinesMain Terminal
Air Algerie AirlinesMain Terminal
Miami Air InternationalMain Terminal
IcelandairMain Terminal
Sunwing AirlinesMain Terminal
Asiana AirlinesMain Terminal
Air India ExpressMain Terminal
Turkish AirlinesMain Terminal
Canadian NorthMain Terminal
Brussels AirlinesMain Terminal
Royal Air Maroc AirlinesMain Terminal
Finnair AirlinesMain Terminal
Qatar AirwaysMain Terminal
InterjetMain Terminal
Air Transat AirlinesMain Terminal
Provincial AirlinesMain Terminal
Westjet AirlinesMain Terminal
Etihad AirlinesMain Terminal
American AirlinesMain Terminal
United AirlinesMain Terminal
Iberia AirlinesMain Terminal
EgyptairMain Terminal
Air Inuit AirlinesMain Terminal
South African AirwaysMain Terminal
Air CanadaMain Terminal
Sata International AirlinesMain Terminal
Austrian AirlinesMain Terminal
Norwegian Air InternationalMain Terminal
Aeromexico AirlinesMain Terminal
Avianca AirlinesMain Terminal
Air St Pierre AirlinesMain Terminal
Aer LingusMain Terminal
KLM AirlinesMain Terminal
Cathay Pacific AirwaysMain Terminal
Middle East AirlinesMain Terminal
Arkefly AirlinesMain Terminal
Air Creebec AirlinesMain Terminal
LufthansaMain Terminal

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Montreal Trudeau Airport airlines served Q&A

Air Canada, as the nation's flag carrier, offers the most flights per day from Montreal Trudeau Airport, with regular services to over 60 destinations globally. WestJet and Delta Air Lines also have a significant number of daily flights, connecting passengers to over 30 and 50 destinations, respectively.
Yes, several airlines provide luxury travel options. Emirates is known for its luxury services, including private suites and shower spas in First Class. Similarly, Delta Air Lines offers Delta One for long-haul flights, which includes lie-flat seats and premium dining options. Air Canada also offers premium seating and access to Maple Leaf Lounges for eligible passengers.
Yes, WestJet is a leading Canadian low-cost carrier operating from Montreal Trudeau Airport, offering budget-friendly options to more than 30 destinations across North America and the Caribbean without compromising on comfort.
Most airlines operating at Montreal Trudeau Airport offer frequent flyer programs. For example, Delta Air Lines has Delta SkyMiles, and WestJet offers a rewards program that benefits frequent flyers with savings on future travels. For specific information on each airline's frequent flyer program, it's best to visit the airline's official website or contact them directly.
Yes, Montreal Trudeau Airport serves as a hub for direct international flights to various destinations. Airlines like Air France and British Airways offer direct flights to European cities such as Paris and London, while Emirates and Qatar Airways provide long-haul flights to destinations like Dubai and Doha.
Airlines at Montreal Trudeau Airport offer a range of services for a comfortable journey, including premium seating options, access to exclusive lounges, and in-flight entertainment. For instance, Air Canada provides access to Maple Leaf Lounges, and Delta Air Lines offers various cabin classes ranging from basic economy to Delta One for long-haul flights.
Yes, Montreal Trudeau Airport is connected to a wide range of destinations in Asia and the Middle East through airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airways. These airlines offer flights to major cities such as Dubai and Doha, with connections to an extensive network of destinations across both regions.