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Checking in, International Departures & Arrivals, TERMINAL DETAILS, Passenger Terminal Layout of Montreal Airport and Formalities for passengers departing to/arriving at United States:

Checking in at Montreal Airport: 
As more and more airlines participate in various self-check-in options, it is important that you check with your airline first as to which service they participate in:
    Web check-in: Follow instructions, print out your boarding card at home or at Airport's check-in kiosk, along with luggage tags for checked baggage.
    Mobile check-in:  Use cellphone or web-enabled PDA - check with your airline for user terms. At the Airport, print out your boarding card & baggage tags. Note that some airlines now send your boarding card as a bar code directly to your mobile device. For printing you can use the self-service kiosk at the Airport by identifying yourself with your bar code.
    Self-service kiosks at the Airport: You can check-in yourself and your party: Follow on-screen instructions. For identification, you can use either credit or loyalty card, passport or bar code. Or you can manualy enter information. You can use the kiosk for luggage check-in, choose your seating and print your boarding cards for each flight segment of your travel itinerary. More options will be added later.  All self-service kiosks offer luggage-tag printout - note, however, not all airlines participate in this service. 
   'SecurXpress' is available (free) for all departures, except U.S.-bound flights. You may book online for up to 5 persons, confirm inscription by replying to an SMS & be at SecurXpress line at appointed time.
   NEXUS/ Global Entry - along with CANPASS Air, are self-service programs for frequent flyers, designed for low-risk travelers.

International Departures/ Arrivals: All international Arrivals, including Canadian citizens, need to go through Canadian Customs.
Canadian & U.S. passport holders may now use the automated passport control kiosks  (scan passport, have your photo taken, answer questions on-screen & then present your documents to the CBP officer).
    Passengers departing to the United States:  Passengers flying to the U.S may use the automated 'generic self-baggage-drop stations' which only need four clicks to complete the processt is recommended to arrive at least 3 hours before scheduled flight, particularly for flights departing 4-9am & 3-5pm and Holidays & Spring Break. Proceed to the US departures area, which is at the far western end of the passenger drop-off area near entrances 7-11. Or you can access the departures area from the multi-level parking garage via walkway on level 3. The new departures area also connects to the public area of the central terminal building.
    Passengers arriving from the United States:  Upon arrival at Montreal Trudeau Airport, you go through Canadian Customs and check the illuminated display panels for your assigned carousel number, then proceed to the baggage claim area where you find baggage trolleys. Your airline representative can, at your request, also call for a porter. Before proceeding to the public hall, hand your customs declaration card to CBSA border services, where you might be directed for further manual inspection or search, if deemed necessary. The secondary inspection also has a foreign exchange counter.


Montreal Trudeau International Airport has one large two-level passenger terminal,  which had been extensively updated in recent years and offers so-called 'jetties' (Concourses A, B & C).
On May 10, 2016, completion and official opening of the Airport's $350M upgrade and expansion project took place.  The 'new' Terminal offers an extension to the international jetty with six more boarding gates accommodating wide-bodied aircraft, and a new commercial area between gates 52 & 53.  The domestic sector has also been expanded and has now a commercial area near gate 1. The Terminal's open-plan area creates a unique atmosphere due to:
- the ceiling's 'Veil of Glas' (with multi-colored glas triangles, illuminated by spotlights);
- the large murals by local artists; museum artworks; special children's play grounds;
- new WiFi; 1,000 chairs with charging stations & USB ports; new shops & restaurants (food service now offers typical Montreal flavor).
The Terminal is divided into four areas.
- The public area is for visitors and passengers alike, while there are three restricted areas;
- the domestic area (with gates 1-15 & 17-30), offers an ATM machine); 
- the international area (with gates 47-68) offers an currency exchange  & ATM machine);
- the transborder area (for E.U. & U.S. passengers; with gates 72-89)  has a new international arrivals complex, a customs hall and baggage claim area, 2 separate jetties (concourses) for US & international flights.  Airline ticket counters are near their check-in counters on the departures level; tour operators also have counters there near entrance door 1.

Other services and amenities inside the passenger terminal: Self-service kiosks, some equipped with luggage tag printer, are now available (some airlines allow you to receive your boarding card in the form of a bar code sent directly to your mobile phone). The public arrivals hall offers an Information counter, foreign exchange office, ATM machine, hotel reservation counter, payment station, a café & bar, mini-market & flower shop. The tourist information counter is in the international arrivals area near carousel 6.
The new L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel restaurant opened recently with an upscale casual cuisine.
Lounges at Montreal Trudeau:
- First Class Lounge, accessible to all passengers, is in the International Concourse, at gate 53.  
- Air Canada VIP Lounge is in the Domestic Area near gate 3; the Transborder Area, near Gate 74; and theInternational Area near gates 52-53. 
- Air France/KLM VIP Lounge is in the International Area, near gates 55-57.
- National Bank World Master Card / Red Carpet Lounge at international gate 53 (tel. 51-636-7638 or visit )

Transportation via Aerobus, taxis, limousines, is available directly outside of the terminal, while all rental car services are in one kiosk located in the multi-level parking area across from the terminal’s ground level.