Munich Airport Parking MUC

Munich Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Munich Airport offers parking choices for the mostdiverse needs and expectations. Below you find a short description of eachparking option, followed by Directions to the Airport:


Drop-off/Pick-up Area: In front of Terminal 1and 2

First 15mins                                                    Free

Each 15mins thereof                                      2.5EUR

Max Stay – Drop Off                                      4hours

Max Stay – Pick Up                                         24hours         

When exceeding the maximum parking hours duration thevehicle will be towed away at the owner’s expense


Park, Sleep & Fly

Start your vacation well rested with an overnight stay inthe five-star Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich. The hotel is situated betweenTerminals 1 and 2.

Budget Parking: P41, P80

First hour                                                        2EUR

Each additional hour                                     Plus2 EUR

Daily Max                                                       25EUR

From day 1 - 3                                                Plus10 EUR

Day 4                                                               Plus9 EUR

From day 5 – 6                                                Plus10 EUR

Day 7- 8                                                          84EUR

Day 9                                                               89EUR

From day 10 – 14                                            Plus5 EUR

Day 15                                                             114EUR

Each additional day                                       Plus5 EUR


Terminal Parking: P1,P3,P5,P7,P20,P26,P35             

First hour                                                        5EUR

Each additional hour                                     Plus5 EUR

Daily Max                                                       35EUR

From day 1 - 3                                                Plus35 EUR

Day 4                                                               136EUR

Day 5                                                               170EUR

Day 6                                                               187EUR

Day 7- 8                                                          199EUR

Day 9                                                               214EUR

From day 10 – 14                                            Plus15 EUR

Day 15                                                             299EUR

Each additional day                                       Plus15 EUR


Valet parking - Valets park your carfor you:

Go to an information desk in your departure area and handin your car keys along with the ticket you obtained at the barrier when youdrove in. You will then receive a form with space for your car�s license platenumber, car ownership details and the desired parking area.

Upon your return, simply contact the parking office.After paying the service charges and parking fees you will receive your carkeys and the card you need to drive out. Then drive out of the car park. OpenMo-Fri, 6am-10pm.


Disabled Parking - Barrier-free parkingspaces are available in all underground garages and multistory parkingfacilities at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Underground garages and multistoryparking facilities are situated directly across from Terminal 1. Parking forpersons with disabilities is situated on Level 03. In the P20 parking garage atTerminal 2 you will find spaces on Level 03 and Level 05.

In all parking garages these spaces are in the immediatearea of the elevators leading to the terminal, or the terminal is on the samelevel.


Passengers with official disabled identification bearingthe code "G", "H" or "BI" can claim a 50 percentdiscount on applicable parking charges at Munich Airport at the Parking Office.If desired, customers can use the intercom at any parking pay point to call anairport staff member to collect the discounted parking fee. Remember to take anote of the parking space number and the parking facility on your ticket.


Munich ( MUC ) Airport Parking Map

Munich MUC airport parking map

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