Guest Services at LA Ontario ONT Airport

Other services offered at LA/Ontario Airport:

For outside Airport Information call  909.937.2700 / Tdd 909.937.2163
Uniformed Airport Ambassadors provide direction and general airport and travel information to ONT’s passengers and visitors 7 days/week, 6am-11pm. They can be found roaming the terminals and curbside.
Information Desks are staffed by Travelers Aid volunteers in Terminals 2 and 4 and assist travelers with various airport and travel information.
Public pay phones are located throughout Terminals 2 and 4. Many pay phones have data port to allow laptop computer users to plug in. Many pay phones also allow users to charge calls to their credit cards.
Tan-colored courtesy phones are provided in Terminals 2 and 4 as a convenience for travelers and the public who would like to place calls within the airport. Courtesy phones are located at the payphone islands in the ticketing and baggage claim areas.
On the concourse level in Terminal 2, courtesy phones can be found near Gates 203, 204, 207, 209 and 211.
On the concourse level in Terminal 4, courtesy phones can be found near Gates 403, 405, 408 and 410.
For general airport information, lost and found, and other non-emergency matters, dial "0" for an airport operator. For an emergency, dial "1911" to reach airport police, fire or rescue operations.
Paging is available 24/7, 6am-9:30pm.  Use the tan colored courtesy phones and dial "0" for operator. Messages can be placed through the paging system for both Terminals 2 and 4.
Ground Transportation & Hotel/Motel Boards: Boards displaying information about ground transportation operators, car rentals, hotels and motels are located in the baggage claim areas of Terminals 2 and 4. Courtesy phones are provided at the board location so travelers and the public can make calls to ground transportation operators, car rental agencies, hotels and motels.
USO Facility:  The old Terminal 1 structure, located at the western-most end of the terminal complex, on East Moore Way, houses USO (it's next to the cell phone waiting lot) .Use the Lot 5 shuttle from at either Terminals 2 or 4.   (For USO inquiries call 1-909 390-4274)

Lost & Found

1. If you lost an item at the gate area check first with your airline.
2. If you lost an item at the at security checkpoint contact TSA at 909-472-0157 or e-mail [email protected]
3. If you need to file a police report for insurance purposes, call 909-933-5600 Location: 1923 E. Avion Street  Zipcode 9176.  For critical items (keys, medication) you can call off-hours 909-933-5611.
4. If you lost an item at a restaurant, shop or other service provider, contact them directly.

Mail Center


Animals are not permitted in the terminal at the Airport unless they are being used to assist disabled individuals, or are in a kennel.

Airline policies regarding pets vary widely and it is highly recommended that you contact the airline prior to making a reservation. 

Pet Relief Areas are at the west ends of both Terminals 2 & 4;  they include trees, sand, fire hydrant and cleanup material. Dog must be on a leash at all times.


International Travelers at LA Ontario ONT Airport

All international arrivals - with the exception of those who went through U.S. Customs clearance at participating airports - need to go through passport control, pick up their bags and go with them through Customs clearance .  If they continue their journey  they need to re-check-in their bags where indicated, before proceeding to to their connecting flight's gate.  For Terminal and /or Concourse connections, please refer to 'Terminal Map' page.

NOTE: Prior to departure make sure that your original airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight - if not, you need, after customs clearance, take them to your connecting terminal and  check them in at your connecting airline counter before proceeding to your gate.