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Philadelphia Airport PHL

Airport Overview

Also known by its airport code PHL, Philadelphia Airport is an important east coast airport that serves the greater Philadelphia area. Over 30 million passengers travel from this airport annually. PHL airport ranks twenty in the list of busiest airports in the United States. The location of this airport is 7 miles away from downtown Philadelphia.

There are about 500 departures daily and there are 25 airlines that provide flights to 38 international and 102 domestic locations, making a total of 140 destinations.

Airport Stats and Facts

· Philadelphia International Airport served over 33 million passengers in 2019.

· In terms of size, Philadelphia Airport is the largest airport in Pennsylvania.

· For American airlines, the airport ranks five in terms of hub size.

Traveling Tips

· You must arrive at the airport 2 hours before your domestic flight to ensure that you do not miss your flight. The suggested arrival time to the airport for international travelers is 3 hours.

· All terminals at PHL are connected, so you can walk between them.

· You may sleep in any public areas, or at the airline boarding areas.

· If flying Southwest, Jetblue, or Frontier from terminal E during peak times, walk over to terminal F as the check-in lines for security are shorter.

· To get a feel of where the Philadelphia airport gates, airlines and amenities are located and how to get around, check out the Philadelphia terminal map.

Passenger Pickup and Drop off

  • Cell phone waiting lot present at the Philadelphia airport premises are the places where the motorists coming to pick up the passengers can go.
  • It is advised that the drivers should stay at the parking lot with their vehicles which is just about a minute drive away from the airport.

Important Notice

Philadelphia International Airport will be conducting a pilot program for the biometric exit screening technologies.

Flight Status

· For arriving flights: PHL Arriving Flight Status provides airport arrival times, delays, time-to-land, and gate info.

· For departing flights: PHL Departing Flight Status shows actual vs scheduled departure times, flight delays, map tracking, and airport gate info.

· To check for the best fares from Philadelphia airport, book a flight at PHL

Airport Terminals

There are a total of seven terminal buildings within the Philadelphia airport. Within these there are 7 concourses, and 124 gates at the airport. If you want to check out additional information or terminal locations, you can refer to the Philadelphia Airport terminal map.

· Terminal A-West: There are a total of thirteen gates that are present at this terminal. The gates have a sequence from A14 to A26.

· Terminal A-East: In the existing terminal, the American Airlines functions. There are a total of 11 gates at this terminal, ranging from A2 to A13.

· Terminal B and C: Both of these terminals are used by American Airlines. There is also a food court present between the terminals. A famous shopping mall is also present here.

· Terminal D: serves, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines

· Terminal E: There are a total of 17 gates that are present at this terminal.

· Terminal F: There are 38 gates at this terminal.

Airlines Served

There are a total of 25 airlines currently running from the Philadelphia airport. The dominant carrier is American Airlines.

Here is the complete list of the airlines serving the Philadelphia airport.

Airport Parking

There are three parking options at the Philadelphia airport: short-term parking, garage parking, and the economy parking facilities. You cannot park your vehicles overnight in the short term parking.

Short-Term Parking

The ground level of the parking is only available for terminal A and F.

Here are the rates of short-term parking.

Garage and MasterCard Parking

You can check the rates here.

There are charging stations at the Philadelphia airport. Click here to get adequate information about the charging stations.

Ground Transport

Passengers arriving at the airport have a few options to reach their next destination, including train, bus and taxis services. Moreover, passengers may choose the option of hiring rides from the car rentals that are present with them.

· Train: SEPTA provides frequent and good transportation through trains between the airport and Philadelphia. There is a halt of the train at every terminal, excluding terminal A west. You can check here more information about the services.

· Bus: Top quality bus services are there on three routes from Philadelphia airport. SEPTA makes sure to provide passengers the directions of their choices. Moreover, vast numbers of Airport bus services.

· Taxi: If you are looking for the fastest means of transport among all of them, taxis can be the right option. The rides are available at an economical cost and will save a lot of time. You can locate the taxis from zone 5 of the commercial transportation roadway.

If you want to know more information, you can visit our ground transportation page.

Amenities and Services

For making your stay comfortable and fun, the Philadelphia airport provides you enough services and amenities that include:

· Bars and Restaurants

· Shops

· Travelex

· Spa

· Charging Stations

· Mother’s Nursing Rooms

· Wi-Fi and Art Exhibitions

Contact Information

Address: 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153, United States

Phone: +1 215-937-6937


Lost & Found

TSA’s Lost and Found at the Airport:

Phone: 610-521-7206


Philadelphia Airport: A Brief History Timeline

· The current location of the airport was in use as the training airfield of the Pennsylvania National Guard in the year 1925.

· The airport came into use by the United States Army and Air Forces during the world war. It was then in use as the first air force training airfield.

· During the years of 1970, 1973, and 1977, with total costs of $300 million, Terminals B, C, D, and E were completed

· Numerous airline hubs have been at the Philadelphia airport. During the years of the 1980s, US Airways came out as a significant carrier here at Philadelphia airport.

· During the year 2003, there was a shift of US Airways from Philadelphia to Pittsburg.

· Since then, there has been an increase in the number of passengers at this airport.

PHL Airport FAQs

Q: How far is Philadelphia International Airport from New York?

A: The location of the Philadelphia airport from New York is about 197 miles and will take you about three hours.

Q: What airlines have a hub in Philadelphia airport?

A: Philadelphia airport is a hub of American Airlines and UPS.

Q: Can you sleep in the Philadelphia International airport?

A: You can sleep in the airport as it is open 24 hours.

Q: When is the best time to fly to Philadelphia?

A: The best time to fly to Philadelphia is from March to May.