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The passenger terminal complex at Philadelphia Airport consists of seven passenger terminals, arranged from East to West: A-West, Terminal A-East, Terminal B & C, Terminal D, Terminal E & Terminal F - connected in their secure areas, which offer access to corresponding garages. Terminals B & C and D & E are connected in both secure & unsecured areas, while terminal F is only connected at its secure areas (post-security) to the other terminals.

Food, Shops & Amenities

Restaurants, bars, and stores are dispersed throughout the terminals. Consult the Philadelphia airport map to get oriented. The B/C connector with the Philadelphia Marketplace houses 30 retail shops & a large food court, and connects to the post-security area of D.

Getting Around the Airport

A terminal E-F secure connector provides a link between terminals E & F, and to all other terminals without the need to re-enter Philadelphia airport terminal security checkpoints. The transfer between Philadelphia airport E & F terminals involves a 15-minute walk. Also free large shuttle buses, operated by American Airlines, make the following connections at the secure side between terminals A-East and F, and C & F. The A-East shuttle stop is near gate A1, terminal C shuttle stop is at gate C16 (near Au Bon Pain), and terminal F shuttle stop is at Gate F-14.

If connecting from an international flight to a regional one, it is advisable to budget in an extra 30 minutes! Access to the terminals from the Philadelphia airport parking facilities is easy and quick. Rental car access is outside each Philadelphia airport terminal. Terminal A-West is the only terminal with US Immigration & Customs. Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). Allow at least 35-45 minutes to connect to the terminal.

Terminal A

PHL Terminal A is divided into Terminals A-East & A-West - connected at their ticketing level - each with their own concourses. Terminal A-West is the only terminal with US Immigration & Customs, and serves all international flights, except those with U.S. pre-clearance facilities.

Concourse A-West with gates A14-A26 is served by American, British Airways, Lufthansa & Qatar & Spirit airlines. Terminal A-West houses Travelex, a large Customs Hall & a small International Arrivals Hall connecting to Garage A-West. Its ticketing area also connects with the ticketing Area of A-East. American Express offers its new luxurious Centurion Lounge at Terminal A-West.

Concourse A-East with gates A2-A13- is served by American, American Eagle & Charters airlines. A connector from Terminal A-East Ticketing leads to the Baggage Claim A-East, and to the terminal connector to Terminal B/C. Available services: Minute Suites, The Traveler's Retreat, a children's play area, shoe shine, UPS store, Travelex.

Philadelphia Airport Terminals A & B are connected by post-security walkway.

Terminal B & Terminal C

PHL Airport Concourse B gates B1-B16, and Concourse C gates C17-C31 on opposite sides, are served by American Airlines' domestic & Canadian flights. Both terminals are connected by a shopping mall and a food court. They house B/C ticketing and connect to the Baggage Claim B/C and to the Terminal Connector to Terminal D. PHL Terminal B/C services include the Admirals Club & shoe shine, and Terminal C houses the XpresSpa and United Club.

The Comcast lounge is across from the food court, between TB/TC and offers X1 TV service with seating/charging stations, and Xfinity reps for support.

Terminal D

Contains Concourse D gates D1-D16 and is used by Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, Delta Connection, United & United Express airlines. Services include Delta Sky Club, Travelex, XpresSpa, and shoeshine. Terminal D is connected to terminal E on the ticketing level. Terminal D also connects to Terminal B & C's shopping area through a post-security walkway. Terminal D houses the Delta Sky Club.

Terminal E

PHL Terminal E houses Concourse E gates E1-E17, and is used by Frontier, JetBlue & Southwest. NOTE: Delta gates & baggage claim are in Terminal D, while ticketing is in terminal E. Terminal E shares ticketing & concessions with Terminal D, and the baggage claim at the D/E Connector.

Terminal F

Containing F gates F1-39, is only serviced by American Eagle. On the North side of the Terminal Complex is Terminal F ticketing with attached Baggage Claim F and a Terminal Connector to Terminal E, as well as access to Concourses 1 with gates F1-F9, Concourse 3 with gates F24-39, and Concourse 2 with gates F10-23.

Terminal Tips

Check out the Minute Suites ('The Traveler's Retreat'), offering private suites for an hourly fee (13 private suites are equipped with a daybed for 2, noise reduction, HDTV, wifi, & more). There is a USO facility near gate A6.

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Philadelphia Terminal Q&A

Nursing mothers now have nursing rooms available at 'Minute Suites' in the corridor connecting Terminals A-East & B, at post-security - first 30 mins are free - for more info call Minute Suites at 215-937-1076, or visit: www.minutesuites.com.