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Pittsburgh Airport ( PIT ) Terminal Map Information

Pittsburgh Airport Terminal Map Overview

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The Pittsburgh International Airport terminal complex consists a Landside and an Airside Terminal - connected by an underground people mover. 

Getting around at PIT: 
    The transit level of the Landside passenger terminal
with a moving walkway is connected to the east to the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Extended Term Parking, and to the west by a People Mover to the Airside Terminal.
    The Airmall level of the Landside Terminal leads to Concourses A - D.
International arrivals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance at participating airports in Canada and the Caribbean, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes); thereafter you can transfer on the Airmall level to all  concourses (no second security check necessary.

 - TSA & CBP agencies offer now a joint TSA Pre-check & Global Entry center located on the ticketing level othe Landside Terminal (across US Airways ticket counter).
 - A new mother's nursing room is now available at Concourse C, across from the Kidsport.
 - Starbucks coffee shops are available at Airside Terminel, center core, and at Landside Termial, baggge claim level.
 - Free WiFi has been expanded to include the baggage claim level and now covers 'nearly the entire airport'.
 - The rehabilitation project of the People Mover Train is now completed.

The Landside Terminal consists of a Baggage Claim, Transit, Ticketing & Mezzanine Level.  Six Flight Desk kiosks are available (2 on ticketing level; 2 on baggage claim level near rental car counters, and 4 on the transit level before security checkpoint. )
    The Baggage Claim Level has in the center two exit doors; outside is the taxi stand, with inside express shuttle, & escalators to rental cars. Inside is an Airport Ambassador station, an ATM, and the new 'Visit Pittsburgh Welcome Center'. The Airport ID Office is next to newly renovated baggage claim L & outside of it is a pet relief area & two boarding pass kiosks.
   To the North of the center are baggage carousels Claims A - E: (A, B, D & F for American Airlines; C & E for Common Use;  and F & J are for Southwest & for oversized baggage (near carousel F is a public transit kiosk, and near carousel E a convenience store); K is for Allegiant, JetBlue & Porter
    To the South of the center are baggage carousels J -L and P& R - currently used by Air Canada, Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Sun Air Express, Southwest, People Express & United airlines.
    The Transit Level  connects passengers east by moving walkway to the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Extended Parking, and west to an Information desk, security checkpoint and to either the loading dock via escalator, or to People Mover to the Airside Terminal.
    The Ticketing Level has escalators & an elevator in the center, with ticket counters for American Airlines/ US Airways are at the north side, with Global Enrty enrollment center &TSA oversized baggage.  All other airline counters at the south side, with six baggage screening points. To the left & right of the entrances near the public curb are wheel chair services. On opposite side, past the elevators is entry to 'Alternate checkpoint'.

- Travelex Foreign Exchange services
are located both at Landside (tel. 412 472-5151) and at Airside (tel. 412-472-5158).
- Information desks in both terminals can be reached at (412) 472-3525.

The Airside Terminal consists of four levels: Immigration & Customs, International Arrivals, Airmall and Mezzanine levels. The Airmall on level 3 with an information counter in the center leads to surrounding Concourses A through D on level 3:
    Concourse A has gates A1-A25.  A gates are currently used by Air Canada, Southwest & United. The Military/ Family Center is past gate A4.
    Concourse B has gates B26-B50. B gates are currently used by American Airlines (B26 -B40)  Concouse B has a Kidsport).
    Concourse C  has gates C51-61 (C56 & C58 are common-use gates). C gates are currently used by Allegiant (C51,C53, ), Frontier (C6), Porter (C48), and Southern Airways Express (C52).
    Concourse D  has gates D76-89 (D gates are currently used by JetBlue & OneJet. Concouse D offers a post office).