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John Glenn Columbus Airport CMH

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John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) TSA Security Wait Time Information

John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) is well known for easy security checks. Most of the passengers find this airport well managed and famous for convenient travel. Hence, CMH airport is quite renowned in the United States.

The passengers boarding the flight are already informed about the wait times for security checkpoints. Thus, they can relax and continue with their tasks while waiting for the flights.


Before you head to the airport, be sure to check CMH Arrival Delays, CMH Departure Delays, or use iFLY's CMH Flight Tracker.

CMH Airport Security Checkpoints - Location and Hours

CMH is an airport packed with passengers and has security checkpoints for them. Each of these checkpoints is available for the Precheck option with the help of any smart device. The hours provided below are subject to change:

CMH North Terminal

Type: All passengers and TSA Pre

TSA Pre Hours: Daily,

Arrive at least 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled airline departure. Remember to arrive early and, if necessary, allow yourself enough time to park your car at the airport.

TSA Wait Times CMH

The wait time of CMH airport can vary according to the travel days, holidays, or busy days. While you can check the current wait time at the CSH airport, it might not differ after reaching the airport

TSA PreCheck at CMH

TSA precheck lanes are available for passengers on all the checkpoints of the airport. People can sign up for the TSA's precheck program at CMH airport. One stay sign in and it gets approved, a known traveler number will be provided to reach the easy screening lane.

The precheck option prevents the passengers from removing shoes, belts, and laptops from cases. The wait time can be less than 5 minutes in a line for a security check. The amount payable of TSA PreCheck for five years is $85.

About John Glenn Columbus International Airport Wait Times

CMH security wait time is quite less. The main terminals have security checkpoints to feature the approximate wait times on the digital display. With this, the security checks become quick and there are no such concerns for the wait time.

CMH wait times provided on the website can change as per various factors. The details given here are approximate estimations.

As per TSA recommendation, the passengers should reach the airport before the given flight departure. It helps with CMH security wait times and programs for traveling. You should check or correlate the wait time for the ticket counter with the airline.

It is also suggested to reach the airport as per the arrival time of the airlines. Passengers should reach the check-in counter and flight departure gate on time. The advance arrival time may vary as per the airline.

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