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Raleigh-Durham Airport ( RDU ) Terminal Map Information

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Raleigh-Durham Airport Map & Terminal Guide

Getting Around the Airport

The Raleigh-Durham International Airport consists of two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The two terminals are not linked to each other by any walkway or connecting pathway. Shuttles run between both of the terminals for each way: the orange Bus 4 runs from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, while the purple Bus 3 runs from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has one concourse with nine gates labelled A1-9 and a security checkpoint with four lanes on level 2. The outside of the ground level of Terminal 1 has different transportation zones: 1 for prearranged services, 2 for hotel/motel shuttles, 3 for Park & Ride, 4 for limos, and 5 for rental cars. The concourse level consists of all the services and amenities.

Terminal 1 at Raleigh Durham Airport is served by only one airline: Southwest. Inside this terminal are two ATMs, one 24-hour flower service one each at the concourse and baggage claim levels, Southwest bag services and a special events desk at the baggage claim level, and one Mamava Lactation Pod at the concourse level.

To get better oriented, see the Raleigh Airport Map - Terminal 1.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has one concourse with gates labelled C1-25 and D1-20. It has one baggage claim level and ticketing level, with access to C & D gates. Terminal 2 is served by numerous airlines including Alaska, Allegiant, Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, and United Airlines.

The baggage claim level of Terminal 2 has outside access to all modes of transportation, inside baggage carousels 1-5, airline baggage services, special events desk, Smarte Cartes and more. The ticketing level is divided by the escalators: to the left are ticketing A/B, to the right are ticketing C/D and ticketing E/F. American Airlines offers curbside check-in. Delta usesTicket Counter B, with curbside check-in now at Zone 5. United Airlines uses Ticket Counter C. Food & Retail outlets are mainly in the Ticketing & Concourse level at post-security. Inside this terminal are several ATMs, and a lactation room, meditation room, and pet relief area.

To get better oriented, see the Raleigh Airport Map - Terminal 2.

Food, Shops & Amenities

There are many options for shopping and dining around the RDU airport. Some notable shops and restaurants include ACC American Cafe, Char-Grill, and La Tapenade in Terminal 1, and California Pizza Kitchen, Cantina Grill, and Deli & Co. in Terminal 2. The dining options at the RDU International Airport include all choices such as grab and go, table service, and both local and national brands. Local produce and sauces prepared in-house provide passengers with healthy choices.

Security Checkpoints

The security checkpoints at the RDU airport are monitored by the Federal TSA - Transportation Security Administration. Only passengers possessing tickets are allowed to proceed beyond any of the security checkpoints. All security checkpoints provide access to the terminals and airplane gates.

The hours and wait times estimates for each security checkpoint can be found on the Raleigh-Durham International Security Wait Times Page.

Airline Lounges

The only airline lounges or clubs are found in Terminal 2 at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The first is the American Airlines Admirals Club found at gate C3 of Terminal 2 with operating hours of 4:15 am to 8:30 pm from Sunday through Friday and 4:15 am to 7 pm on Saturday. Delta Air Lines Sky Club is located across from gate C3 in Terminal 2, open 5 am to 7:30 pm from Sunday to Friday and 5 am to 6:30 pm on Saturday. The third is the United Club situated across from gates D1 and D3 in Terminal 2 and open 5 am to 7:30 pm everyday.

Terminal Tips

  • One bag and one personal item is the permitted by most airlines at the RDU International Airport
  • For domestic flights please arrive two hours prior to your flight time advance
  • In case you are carrying firearm(s), please reach out to your respective airline for the due procedure
  • When travelling with children:
    • Account for extra time
    • Keep children activities in your carry-ons
    • Keep in mind that they are to go through the same security checks as adults
  • When travelling with pets or other animals:
    • Review the airline policies beforehand
    • Use the pet relief areas if required, located outside Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
    • All pets are to remain inside the carries in the terminals, except for service animals
    • Pets are to go through screening at the security checkpoint
    • You will be required to take your pets out of the carries and walk them through the metal detectors. Visual or physical inspection may be required in any other case