Rogue Valley Medford Airport Parking MFR

Rogue Valley Medford Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

The Airport is accessible from Interstate Hwy 5 / 62 interchange.  Parking Facilities are accessible from Terminal Loop Road.
Parking is available across from the passenger terminal 24/7 with plenty of space for short- and long-term parking:
-  Short-term parking fees:  $2.50/hr up to daily max at $15;
-  Long-term parking fees:  $2.50/hr up to daily max at $10.

For more parking information, call Standard Parking at 541-779-2657.

Rogue Valley Medford ( MFR ) Airport Parking Map

Rogue Valley Medford MFR airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Rogue Valley Medford Airport ( MFR )