Royal Jordanian Airlines

Important Information

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees

Carry-on baggage is restricted to either a small handbag or briefcase with outer dimensions of 23x41x51cm, or a garment bag 60x114cm & no more than 11cm thick. Weight not to exceed 7kg. Laptop computers and small video camera units count as equivalen to a briefcase or overnight bag. Items exceeding weight or dimensions are not permitted onboard. Economy-class passengers are allowed one carry-on piece, while Crown Class passengers may take two ieces, on all types of aircraft, except on Embraer which allows only 1 piece. Infants are allowed necessities while onboard, up to 7kg, plus a collapsible stroller, if space allows.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees

Note that the maximum weight of any piece of all checked-in baggage on all RJ flights cannot exceed 32kg/70lb, unless they constitute special baggage, which was announced at the time of booking (sport equipment, musical instruments, pets, etc.). Carry-on items must fit either under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. Sports equipment & musical instruments may be carried as part of free bag allowance, excess rates apply if free bag allowance is exceeded. Wheelchairs and/or assistive devices are free and not included in the free bag allowance; however where cabin space is limited, they will be stowed in the hold & returned to passenger at their destinatio in the baggage hall.


  • Destination From/to North America
  • Linear dimensions/weight 158cm/62in and 23kg/50lb.
  • Regular size & weight fees Economy: First 2 bags free; if they exceed 23kg, the charge is $100/each. Bag 3 $175; bags 4 & 5 up $250/each; Bags 6 & over $500/each. Infants on lap are allowed a bag with linear dimensions up to 115cm/45in and no more than 23kg/50lb. Children paying 67 percent of adult fare get adult allowance.
  • Overweight fees Crown Class: First 2 bags up to 158cm/62in and 32kg/70lb each free; bag 3 $175; bags 4 & 5 $250 each; Bags 6 and over above 32kg/70lb, $400 each.
  • Oversized fees
  • Destination To/from All Destinations, except North America
  • Linear dimensions/weight 158cm/62in and 20kg/44lb
  • Regular size & weight fees Economy Class: one piece not to exceed linear dimensions/weight. Infants paying 10 percent of fare are allowed one checked bag up to 10kg, plus a collapsible stroller or basked or car seat. Children paying 50 percent or more of adult fare get adult allowance.
  • Overweight fees
  • Oversized fees
  • Crown Class Crown Class