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Airport Maps & Terminal Guide

NOTICE: SLC is transitioning to new terminals. We are working to update terminal information.

Terminal Overview

The passenger terminal complex at Salt Lake City Airport consists of three terminals arranged in a half-circle. Terminal 1 with Concourses F & G; Terminal 2 with Concourse C; and the International Terminal with Concourses D & E. All concourses are connected by passenger walk-ways, post-security. Refer to the Salt Lake City airport map for orientation of the terminals, their airlines, and amenities.

Future expansion: The Airport will gradually replace the present terminals with a new integrated terminal with North & South Concourses only - (see last paragraph of this page.)

Terminal 1

With Concourses A & B, SLC Terminal 1 serves AeroMexico, Alaska, American, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest & United.

Ground level of Terminal 1 houses airline ticket counters to the right, baggage carousels 1-4 at left, with screening area at center, leading to the Concourses A & B:

Concourse A of Terminal 1 serves with gates A1-A8, Concourse A is under phased renovation.

Concourse B of Terminal 1 has 2 levels: the upper level has gates B1-B9 ; the lower level has gates B10-B22.

Level 2 of Terminal 1 is for food and stores and has an elevator to Level 3’s Terrace Restaurant.

Terminal 2

Located between terminals 1 and 3 and connected to Concourse C, Terminal 2 serves Delta Airlines.

The ground level of Terminal 2 contains ticket counters, baggage claim carousels 5 to 8, Zions Bank branch, CNBC News, & Starbucks. Access To Concourse C is after security.

Level 2 of Terminal 2 is mostly for food stores and shops, with a Business Service Center and an ATM machine, with access to Concourse C, and on the opposite side the SkyBridge to the short-term parking garage, which has rental car counters on its ground level.

Concourse C of Terminal 2 with gates C1-C13, and a connector near gate C1 leading to Concourse D of the International Terminal.

There is a Delta Sky Club in the connector between Concourse C of Terminal 2 and Concourse D of the International Terminal.

International Terminal

The International Terminal at SLC Airport is connected to Concourse D & E.

Ground level houses Delta check-in counters and access to Concourse E. At the center of the ground level are concessions and to the right of it is the baggage claim area.

Concourse E is shaped like a Y, with gates E60-85. Its three ticket counters serve gates E60-65; E66-83, and E84-85.

Level 2 is mostly for food and shops, with a children's play area, and offers access to Concourse D

Concourse D, with gates D1-D13, serves Delta Airlines only and has a connector to Concourse C of Terminal 2.

Getting around SLC Airport Terminals

All Salt Lake City airport Terminals are connected to each other and concourses and gates are easily reached from level 2 of their respective terminals.

International arrivals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance at participating airports in Canada and the Caribbean, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag.

Passenger Pickup - Drop off

Delta passengers exit from Terminal 2. International Arrivals exit from International Terminal. All other passengers exit from Terminal 1. Pickup & drop-off lanes in front of the terminals are separated. For passenger pickup, use the 'Park & Wait Lot'* (free cell phone lot) - now relocated to the west of Terminal Drive/ south of Terminal 1 Terminal 1. Wait in the car until your party collects bags & calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Terminal Tips

  • APC kiosks are available to eligible users - replacing the old customs declaration form and expediting entry process by following on-screen instructions.
  • Rental Car Service is available in the Quick Turn Around (QTA) building.
  • Animal /Pet Relief Stations are located pre-security, across from the street of each terminal, in front of the parking garage, and between T2 & the International Terminal.
  • Bring your empty water bottle - refill stations are now available at Concourses A, B,C & D.

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Salt Lake City Airport Overview Map
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