SEA Airport - Seattle Tacoma Airport ( Seattle , WA )


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Overview

SeaTac Airport is the gateway to Alaska and East Asia, and point of entry for thousands of passengers on their way to/from cruise ships at Seattle's port. Seattle Airport is also in the forefront of initiatives aimed to reduce its environmental footprint.  Among largest U.S. airports, Seattle is the fastest-growing one. SEA Airport is located between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, in Washington State's breathtaking Puget Sound region, borders on the intersection of State Roads 518, 99 and 509, and is only 1.5 miles from Interstate Hwy 5. 


  • Excellence in Departure Performance
  • Best Airport Staff Service in North America

Airport Facts & Stats

With three long runways and over 46 million passengers annually, Seattle-Tacoma International is a hub for Alaska Airlines, and is served by major airlines offering direct and connecting flights to destinations throughout North America, Europe and East Asia.  

Airport peak hours are between 5 & 11am and between 7 & 9pm. Peak travel days are Thursdays & Fridays.  Arrive at the Airport at least two hours prior to scheduled flight!

Important Notice: 

  • Pathfinders & Volunteers wear blue shirts with 3/4-length sleeves & left-hand insignia; Private contractors preparing passengers for TSA checkpoint screening wear black trousers with white shirts with two insignias at left, and right.  TSA Officers at the screening area wear dark blue shirts, black trousers & ties, and TSA labels on both arms.

Passenger Pickup /Dropoff:

  • Suggest that your arriving party meet you outside of the ticketing upper level using the less-crowded Departures drive.
  • Park either on the Terminal Direct level of the parking garage at $5/hr, or use the Cell phone waiting lot (free for up to 30 mins) and wait until your party has collected bags & calls you for curbside pickup.
  • Passenger pickup/ dropoff:  At peak hours and Holidays use the Departure upper level for pick up and the Arrival lower level for dropoff.

SeaTac Airport has one integrated passenger terminal.  (For terminal details open Seattle Airport Terminal Map and scroll down to the detailed text; for Parking facilities and fees see Seattle Airport Parking.   

SeaTac Terminal Information 

SeaTac Airlines Served 

Recent Seattle Airport News

  • A work plan has been adopted for the Energy and Sustainability Committee, identifying four areas of focus to improve environmental and community health in the April, 2019 Port of Seattle Commission meeting.


17801 International Blvd./Pacific Hwy South

Seattle, WA 98168




Phone: (206) 787 5388 or 1-800-544-1965