Seattle Tacoma Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Terminal Direct - the mostconvenient option The fourth floor of the parking garage is reserved forTerminal Direct parking. As the name implies, parkers have direct access viathe fourth floor skybridges to the Main Terminal. It's the shortest route from carto plane and is available for both short- and long-term parking. The rate forthis direct access floor is $5 per hour with a daily maximum of $37 for up to24 hours. Reservations are not accepted at this time.

General Parking: General Parking isavailable on seven floors of the Sea-Tac Airport garage:  Floors 1-3,and 5-8. The rate is just $4 an hour with a maximum of $30 for up to 24 hoursand a special weekly rate of $140. Parkers can use General Parking for both short-and long-term stays.

Special Weekly Rate - GeneralParking:  Sea-Tac Airport offers a special, reduced weekly rate of $140for up to seven days General Parking (Floors 1-3, 5-8). Travelers headed out ona week-long trip (more than five days, maximum of seven days) pay only $140 –all inclusive. No extra taxes. No extra or fees. That’s a tremendous savings oftwo days free for a seven day trip. The special weekly discount begins afterthe fifth day of parking and continues until the end of the seventh day. Customersstaying longer than seven days can take advantage of the $140 maximum weeklyrate for each additional week of parking. Normal rates apply for partial weeksof parking ($30/day), but will not exceed the special weekly rate of $140during subsequent seven day periods. No coupon is needed; you receive thespecial discount when you pay.

Motorcycle Parking: Motorcycles paythe same parking rates as automobiles for hourly, daily and weekly parking inboth General and Terminal Direct parking.

Electric Vehicle Parking: Theairport offers 48 electric vehicle parking spaces providing free electricvehicle charging for parking customers. Spaces are marked with green stripingand are designated as "Electric Car Charging Only." 

Floor 5, General Parking:
Thirty-six (36) spaces available.
There are twelve spots in each row at D, G, andI.
General Parking rates apply. 

Floor 4, Terminal Direct Parking:
Twelve (12) parking spaces are located in Row I.
Terminal Direct fees apply.

Extended Stay Parking: Travelers mayleave their vehicles for extended periods. Travelers parking for more than 30days must make special arrangements through the Airport's Public ParkingOffice, (206) 787-5308. Without these arrangements, the vehicle may beconsidered abandoned and could be towed at the owner's expense.

Over-height Parking: The heightlimit for vehicles entering the Airport Garage is 6’10.” Vehicles above thatlimit should park in Over-Height Vehicle Parking. You can access this parkingarea via Highway 99 / International Blvd. from the north or south. Follow thesigns marked "Over-height Parking" from the Airport Expressway. 
At the entry plaza, use the open lane on the farright and take a ticket from the machine.
After the gate opens, drive in and park in anyof the 60-plus stalls in the outdoor area. The lot is within walking distanceto the terminal. 

Parking Rates ParkingType/ PerHour/ DailyRate/ LongTerm: 

Terminal Direct
(Floor 4, shortest walk to terminal) $5/ $37/Daily rate applies;

General Parking
(Floors 1-3, 5-8) $4/ $30/ $140 (up to 7 days);

Monthly Parking Learn More/ $375/month(recurring billing);

Corporate Parking $22 (daily rate)

Over-Height Parking
(over 6'10") $4/ $30/ $140 (up to 7 days).

*Rates include all local and statetaxes and fees  


Seattle Tacoma ( SEA ) Airport Parking Map

Seattle Tacoma SEA airport parking map

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