Seattle Tacoma Airport Parking SEA

Seattle Tacoma Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

The following parking options are available at SEA Airport:
1. Cell Phone Waiting Lot;
2. Garage Parking (a) hourly, (b) daily, (c) long-term, (d) reduced weekly; (Garage parking details follow Off-Airport Parking.)
3. Motorcycle Parking; and
3. Off-Airport Parking Lots.

Note: Curbside check-in is available, but there is no parking or waiting allowed on the airport drives. Vehicles left unattended, even if the driver is nearby, will be ticketed and towed. A good alternative to loading and unloading on the drives is to use the Airport Garage.. Short-term parkers can park anywhere in the garage and still pay the hourly rate.

Free Cell Phone Lot: - If you are picking up a passenger at Sea-Tac Airport, you can now use the free Cell Phone Lot with over 40 parking spaces, which is just a 2-minute drive away from the Baggage Claim on Air Cargo Road in front of the Delta Air Lines cargo building. You can wait there until arriving passengers have deplaned, collected luggage and called to be picked up outside of Baggage Claim. Drivers must stay with their vehicles. No parking or waiting allowed on the road's shoulder.
Directions: (a) To the Cell Phone Lot: From the southbound Airport Expressway, take the170th/Air Cargo exit on the left side. (b) From the Cell Phone Lot to Baggage Claim (Arrivals Drive): Take a right out of the Cell Phone Lot and make an immediate left (sign reads to terminal). Follow signs to Arrivals.

Parking Options & Fees::

1. Hourly Garage Parking: The designated hourly parking area is now on the the fourth floor, skybridge level. Short-term parkers can also park on floors 3, 5-8 and still pay the hourly rate.
0 - 30 mins - $2
30 mins - 1 hr - $4
1 to 2 hrs - $7
2 to 3 hrs - $9
3 to 6 hrs - $15
6 to 9 hrs - $25
9 to 24 hrs - $35

2. Daily Garage Parking, Floors 3 and 5 through 8:
0 - 30 minutes- $2;
30 minutes - 1 hour- $4
1 to 2 hrs - $7
2 to 3 hrs - $9
3 to 4 hrs - $13
4 to 5 hrs - $16
5 to 6 hrs - $18
6 to 7 hrs - $20
7 to 8 hrs - $22
8 to 24 hrs - $26
*Special weekly rate, 5 to 7 days -$130

3. Long-term Garage Parking: Floors 3 and 5 through 8 . You may leave their vehicles for extended periods. When parking for more than 30 days, special arrangements through the Airport's Public Parking Office, (206) 433-5308 must be made. Without these arrangements, the vehicle is considered abandoned and could be towed at the owner's expense. Fees:
Daily (each 24-hr perod) - $26

4. *Reduced Weekly Rate for Daily Garage Parking: Floors 3, 5-8. A week-long trip (more than five days, maximum of seven days) is only $130 – all inclusive. No extra taxes. No extra fees. That’s a tremendous savings off of the regular $26 daily rate.
The special weekly discount begins after the fifth day of parking and continues until the end of the seventh day. Customers staying longer than seven days can take advantage of the $130 maximum weekly rate for each additional week of parking. Normal rates apply for partial weeks of parking, but will not exceed the special weekly rate of $130 during subsequent seven day periods. See rate chart below.

No coupon is needed; the weekly rate appears at the payment machine, on your credit or debit card for ticket-less parking, or at the cashier booth Fees:

6 days - $130 (savings of $26) -$130
7 days - one week -$130 (savings of $52) - $130
8 days - $130 + $26 (one day at normal daily rate) - $156
9 days - $130 + $52 (two days at normal daily rate) - $182
10 days - $130 + $78 (three days at normal daily rate) - $208
11 days - $130 + $104 (four days at normal daily rate) - $234
12 days - $130 + $130 = $260 (weekly rate x 2) - $260
13 days - $130 + $130 = $260 (weekly rate x 2) - $260
14 days - two weeks -$130 + $130 = $260 (weekly rate x 2) - $260
15 days - $260 + $26 (one day at normal daily rate) - $286
16 days - $260 + $52 (two days at normal daily rate) - $312

Motorcycles pay the same parking rates as automobiles for hourly, daily and weekly parking.

Payment Methods:
(a) Using a Credit or Debit Card for Ticketless Parking: Use your credit or debit card as your ticket in and out of the Airport Garage. The ticket machines at the entrances and exits to the Airport Garage accept any national credit card or a debit card as your ticket in and out of the garage. On your way out, skip Pay on Foot and drive up to Paid Ticket line, inserting the same credit or debit card used when entering. You get a printed receipt right after retrieving your card.

(b) Using the Pay-on-Foot Machines for both daily and hourly parking: pay for parking on the 4th floor of the garage, just outside the skybridges, at any one of 29 black and yellow pay stations:
1. Take a parking ticket as you enter the garage. Keep this ticket with you.
2. As you leave the terminal, insert your ticket in one of the exitxpress pay stations located on the 4th floor of the garage. Pay the fee by using cash or a major credit card. The machine will validate your ticket.
3. Insert your validated ticket in the machine at the exit gate as you leave the garage.
4. The machines accept the following U.S. currency: $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, including the new $20 currency. The machines also accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club credit cards.

Lost Parking Tickets: - call the Airport Parking Office at (206) 433-5308.

Off-Airport Parking Lots: Parking is available at several private parking facilities near Sea-Tac Airport, including:
Air Star: 3010 South 160th Street, Phone (206) 243-1410;
Doug Fox: 2626 South 170th Street, Phone (206) 248-2956

Parking Garage Details: The first three hours of Daily or Hourly Parking cost the same anywhere in the parking garage.
The Parking Garage connects to the Main Terminal via skybridges on the 4th floor. The Floor Count System helps speed Travelers to open spaces in the Airport Parking Garage. New: To pay for parking, use a credit or debit card and go ticketless. The ticket machines at the entrances and exits to the Airport Garage now accept any national credit card or a debit card as your “ticket” in and out of the garage. At the end of your trip, you can skip stopping at so-called Pay on Foot machines in the garage and just drive up to the "Paid Ticket" line and insert the same credit or debit card you used when entering. Your get a printed receipt upon retrieving your card.
New Garage Exit Detour: At the new exit from the Parking Garage toll plaza, drivers now have to make a sharp right turn after exiting the toll plaza and then S around to merge onto the northbound airport expressway. There are plenty of signs to get you through the detour. This detour will last for several mont

Seattle Tacoma ( SEA ) Airport Parking Map

Seattle Tacoma SEA airport parking map

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