Seattle Tacoma Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Lot (30 minutes max) - stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb outside the baggage claim.  Location: 2623 South 170th Street.  Directions:
- From Southbound Airport Expressway: Take the Air Cargo Rd./Cell Phone Lot exit, turn right onto 170th, turn right onto Air Cargo Road and follow that road until you see the Lot on your left.
- From Southbound International Blvd: Turn right onto 170th, turn right onto Air Cargo Road; follow road - the Lot is on your left.
- From Cell Phone Lot to Baggage Claim on Arrivals Drive:: Drive to signal, take a left onto S. 170th St., make the next right onto Air Cargo Rd., and make the next right onto the Airport Expresway; follow signs to Arrivals.

Other parking options and fees at Sea-Tac Airport:  The 8-level 'ParkSmart' Garage is located across from the Main passenger terminal - connected to it on level 4 by six skybridges. Levels 3 - 8 are for short- & long-term parking - divided into A through W parking isles - each assigned to specific airlines (visit: - then enter your airline name and service.)  If arriving at level 3,  take the elevator up to all other levels.
   Level 2 offers parking spaces for persons with disabilities & houses ground transportation areas - accessible by the Arrivals Drive.
    First and second Level of the Garage offer 

    Level 4 is for 'Terminal Direct' parking, with shortest route from car to plane by six skybridges, and offers disabled spaces (in hourly lots) and ParkSmart PassPort. The garage exit accesses South 170th Street.
- Fees:  each hr $5, up to daily max $37 (daily rate also applies for long-term parking);
    Levels 1,2 3 & 5 - 8 are for General Parking with disabled spaces, accessed from the Depatures Drive. These levels offer discount parking, ParkSmart Passport, & electric vehicle stations. Clearance height is 6 feet 10 inches.  
- Fees: each hr $4, up to daily max (24 hrs) $30;  weekly up to 7 days $140.
   Over-height Parking Lot (above 6'10"): To access the parking area from SR 518, follow the signs marked "Overheight Parking" from the left exit off the Airport Expressway. The route is well marked and will take you to Highway 99 / International Blvd and the South 182nd St. Airport entrance.
- Fees:  each hr $4,  up to daily max $30; weekly $140.
   Monthly parking for Frequent Travelers on level 4.
- Fees: $350
NOTE:  Motorcycles pay the same garage fees as cars.

Electric Vehicle Parking with Free Charging
is now available at 48 stations (marked with green striping), including
 - at level 5, General Parking, with 12 spaces in each row at D, G & I;
 - at level 4, Terminal Direct Parking, with 12 spaces in Row I.

For more parking information contact the Airpor's Public Parking Office at (206) 787-5308.  Also, persons parking over 30 days need to make arrangements by calling this number.

Off-Airport Parking Lots are available at various private parking facilities near Sea-Tac Airport, including Doug Fox at 2626 South 170th Street (Tel: 206-248-2956).

Seattle Tacoma ( SEA ) Airport Parking Map

Seattle Tacoma SEA airport parking map

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